Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Yarn Along: dress, birthdays, fun, swing shirt, books

My first and only dress. I'm tickled with it. 
little busy girls are so hard to capture
So, this Yarn Along from Ginny at Small Things has inspired me to purge my photos from a while ago.  Here are the results. :)
Since it took me 6 months to finish, she shall wear it all.winter.long...everywhere!  :)

Willow, the rainbow dress, and Ben Gypsy

hubby in the Botanical

I made the Botanical Hat for my brother's birthday. Hubs kindly allowed me to try out the fit on his head.

the reverse side. this pattern is so cool!

I knitted then felted then needle felted mushrooms on this bowl...and on everything in sight, once I had the roving and needles out.  Treasure holder.

...and another

The little swing shirt for my babygirl

Pattern HERE

works well for a pencil holder and a treasure holder and a "what device does this cord go to?!" holder

a rasta dress on the needles for Willow-no pattern, just making it up as I go. yikes!

I made Granny Goose a scarf for her birthday using THIS PATTERN

I loved how it turned out. It has been said that one should use a variegated yarn but she had asked for a cream color and we were both happy with the results 

Oh, Malabrigo. Let me count the ways...

not long did it take to dive into this lusciousness

The window star that makes me happy

needle felted eggs that Granny made for Willow

Willow and MY baby Joey (from my childhood)

Botanical Hat for my Zay

the reverse side

Malabrigo worsted

happy birthday, baby!

Amaretto Cream Pie

right before we left for the beach

Happy birthday to my other baby (3 of us share the month!)

the "Swing" shirt in action

salt art

tree identification day

we used them to make some really cool art with

another birthday boy celebration. 

Happy 11th trip around the sun, my dear one.

I saw a passing shadow by the window. Jenny Moonshine came for a visit.

Chillin with my Gnomey

the "girls" weren't far behind

he's really been into graphic novels/comics lately

school time

this is a recipe book holder that my Step father built for me.we use it to hold the school books, the bible, the art work, the copy work pages, anything that needs to be propped up so my hands can be free. It is sooo awesome! I figured I'd share in case any of you need an idea of how to perform reading aloud and nursing a baby or wiping hands or some other such thing that requires you be hands free and still reading or showing or anything. 

My sweet Mama made me this. I love it so much.

here is what I decided to do with that Malabrigo Rasta. Just a simple scarf. Easy peasy and yummy soft.

I needle felted a pumpkin for the nature table

I also tie-dyed some socks :)

and knitted another mushroom
and dyed some yarn.  book:  the Message Bible. Love, love love.  

action shot of the swing shirt

she wore it to a friend's party and this was the fabulous view.

we've been using chalk pastels as a medium for art work

I bought a friend's daughter a book about a Red Knit Capped Girl and knitted her a hat to go along with it for her birthday. Willow was the model 

I ended up make her her own

because she loved it so

bad picture, awesome sweater. THIS sweater was not hand made by anyone that I know BUT it was passed down from my uncle to my brother to my cousin to me, then  to my oldest son, my second son, my 3rd son and then to my baby girl. shew! Can you tell we love this sweater? I figured you knitters would appreciate the love :)
creeper hat #1

I can't get this picture turned around but we LOVED this book!
creeper hat #2 and Taproot. I LOVE taproot. My boys LOVE Minecraft.

Red-capped girl going out in the snow

this was a gift from my dear friend Chasa. Isn't it the sweetest thing ever?!  A ball of yarn with teeny tiny needles. Oh my!

Willow asked for a pig for Christmas

see? versatile.  :) 

the Gnomey hat lives on
Willow turned 3. Granny made her these absolutely  LOVELY little wool pieces of birthday cake, complete with candles and "spark".  Oh, we cherish these things.

see the fizzle at the end of that candle stick? swoon!

Willow got and awesome tea set and a wool birthday "cupcake", as well.
and toast. who doesn't want toast!?

tea party time!

granny made her this sweet little crown last year and she is wearing it for her 3rd birthday, too. 

Granny and the birthday girl

Dee-Don (aka:  Grandaddy) and his girl

Since we are talking about books for this Yarn Along: 
good book

GREAT book!

fabulous book!!
I hope to catch up on picture dumping soon and my posts will not be as long as this. Love to you all. xo. Shawna