Friday, October 18, 2013

I i for Iquana! letter of the week: Ii

The letter is I-i for this week. I found this post that I never published and so, since I've been missing here, I decided to post it.

We went to Sweet Frog for I-I-Ice Cream. Yah, it's really frozen yogurt but you know...close enough.


"when I go to heaven ,on the way there, IN the atmosphere, will Jesus know that I cannot survive without a space suit on the WAY to heaven and keep me from dying?? will he know to keep me alive until I get there. I cannot BREATHE in the universe, way OUT THERE, without it, will He know, can you tell him???!!!"  

I-I-i insects (plastic/rubber) frozen inside this ice block

their job is to find and dig out the I-I-i-insects I-I-Inside the I-I-ice

this was so much fun!

                                                 There you go! I-I-i-i fun for the week.

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