Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Yarn Along: New sheep, new sweater, new knitter, new yarn, a little behind...nothing new

Yarn Along
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We are enjoying our first "lambing" season. So far, to date, there are 5 new lambs. Sweet, bouncy, sproingy lambs. 
New lambs: Tango and Ally

Willow (and her hair) petting the new lambs (grin)

there was a flurry of baby lambs all born close together

New lamb:   BJ

new lamb:  Waylon

we've had a great winter crop (greenhouse) of carrots this year

making butter with the kids from the cream on top of the milk. shake shake shake.  :)

I got new yarn this month. Squeee!  

I have a few ideas for this Malabrigo. I am thinking a hat from Ravelry called Botanical

Z learning to knit

he picked it WAY faster than I did when I first started. I had to ask 55 questions when I first learned to knit. Not Z, he just got a quick look and went to it.  Amazing how kids are in that way.

he is knitting a belt, he says

I love him.

The gnomey hat again. Cai (age 6) says to me: "Mama, is there ANYone in this whole world that is OLDER than YOU?!?!" ha! geesh! (see that Tee-shirt? Anyone older than me remember them?! please say you remember them....)

the kids picked out some yarn from  a Cascade 220 sale. Zay wants some  adult longies for lounging around in, and Zarian and Cai both want sweaters.  Umm, I am a sloooow knitter.  I need to start now for next winter. ha!

these packages made me scream and flit around with delight. Doesn't yarn do that  to you?  I know it does :)

So, I did knit my very first sweater (which spurred the kids to request one for them) for Willow and it was a long process (months!). I didn't enjoy the yarn thickness. I do love the color though. Baby girls do not sit still for very long for pictures. This was my failed attempt at capturing the shot.

red and yellow makes....

color mixing

grapes and limes.  try it.  you'll love it.

kale chips (i'm coming back later to write the recipe)

hand in a box

scary!  :)

Willow always talks her Daddy in to things.  Even when he is rushing around to go somewhere or do something else, this single baby girl must have hung the moon in his eyes.

So this day it was coloring, coloring and more coloring.  Makes me smile.  As do rainbows.

Oh, and back to the sweater. Because it was a REALLY thick wool, and I just needed to see how these things go together and used the thick yarn, it turned out TERRIBLY heavy.  Back breaker. We all laughed and laughed at the thought of her wearing this as an actual sweater. What it did turn out to be was a wonderful snow COAT! It's big enough to wear over layers and the wool keeps her dry. It ended up being grand.

heading out to play in the snow

cool looking sky

Sweet brother helping her off the porch

and I just love this picture, so I"m adding it.  I love to watch my babies sleep.  One of my sheer pleasures.

Anyway, can't wait to see the link up and read what you all are knitting and reading.  Happy day yarn alongers!  xoxo
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Lisa @ HappyinDoleValley said...

Found you at Ginny's yarn along... Lovely family, lovely photos, lovely yarn. And yes, I do remember rundmc. :) Happy knitting!

momto5 said...

so happy you posted again! you won my give away about a month ago! if you shoot me an email i can ship you the prize! greenfreaks at msn dot com.
love the sweater! you are all still up to your arm pits in snow. eeeep. and i love all that yarn, you are going to be busy busy!

Michelle said...

That's great that you found a good use for the sweater! My two youngest are firmly convinced that fleece hoodies qualify as coats. Wool sweaters might be perfect for them, except I shudder to think of hand washing them after the stuff my boys get into. Luckily, it doesn't get very cold here.

Katie M said...

Great job on your sweater and hat, I am so excited to teach my little ones to knit when they are ready! I look forward to your kale chip recipe, when I make them it seems that they are hit or miss...