Saturday, February 16, 2013

Project Life: 3 birthdays!

We have had 3 birthdays in September.  Special ones, too!  One son became "legal" age 18, one son went around the sun ten times (double digits, baby!) and I had a birthday too.  Top secret number there, folks. ha!

I needle felted a crown for Zarian's 10th birthday.

Plants vs Zombies crown

pea shooter

I needle felted a birthday present for the nature table to represent September, the birthday month for our family

my most favorite birthday gift this year!

the next few pics are of my mama's birthday gift to me...homemade soap.  I settle for nothing less (wink)  Really though, it is amazing stuff!

I love every inch of this book!

10 bucks for every year he's been alive

she's on the table, once again.  sigh.

granny, grandaddy and willow

pretty Thillai

grandaddy, daddy and Eric

homemade soap from Granny

mmmmmm, patchouli!

his baby sister helped out

with the candle blowing

baby girl with her grandaddy

tickle fest


tickle fest 2012
our friend Kerri made him a hat with Alpaca wool.  Yummmm!

and she made me some pumpkin muffins.  Double Yummmm!

she also made me a phone holder and a scrubby.

and yes, I was spoiled with coffee (tea) cake from her as well! 

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