Friday, February 22, 2013

This Moment

{this moment} - A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.  Inspired by and joining in with  SouleMama.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Yarn Along Catch-up: an aggregation of MAKING

Playing catch-up since I've been behind on posting
Things we've made, constructed, spent time and love on

Studying France, a beret for Willow

with the Woodland Longies I made from the last yarn along post
I painted Roman Numeral Stones for the kids.

yes, the number 4 can be made like this:  IIII... or like this:  IV. Either way is correct.

Matching Roman Numeral painted  stones

they have a LOT of fun with these stones
Fall Leaves and Toadstools
fall leaves:  Pin Oak

felting wool roving into pictures and little balls

hot water, soap, wool roving

even little Sis got in the mix

drying their wool balls

This is a lovely art yarn that I got from Spinning Wheel Studio off Etsy. It was just so gorgeous that I had to share with you. It is an art yarn spun with Banana fibers, Sari Silk, Merino, Mohair
It is so hard to describe the loveliness of it! I made a cowl for my friend for Christmas and attached a wooden button on the front. The combo was divine.  :)

my brother's 40th birthday cupcakes. grateful dead. 
the Jerry Garcia faces turned out to be my favorite. Groovy.

still no idea what to make with this beautiful fiery color combo. 

I needle felted some little Weather Gnomes for the little ones. 

the one on the right is aptly named Sandy (made during hurricane Sandy)

lots of monopoly playing
monopoly and tea. easy like Sunday Morning.

chalk pastel art

needle felted apples 

I made a ton of these. Some for the nature table, some to give away, some for counters for math.

Gnomey hat in action. Fireside.

another Gnomey hat in action. Speakeasy Boys.

we waxed leaves.

my favorite are the passionflower leaves

needle felted acorns

I just love these little guys!

real acorn caps. wool roving. 

we made spider sacks

water, glue, string/twine, balloon.

they went with our spider study but they double really well on a Christmas tree with pretty lights strung in and around

rainbow hat. Mochi Plus merino yarn in Autumnal Rainbow.

fingerless mitts

he likes them, although he looks so serious in this shot. ha!

Studying Italy and painting lying on their backs like Michelangelo. Cai says "Pass the red, I can't be a REAL artist without using RED!!" :)

knitted then felted wool teething ring
I added a little maple wooden ring

winter hat in wool, cannot remember the brand

the Gnomey hat again. It gets around.  

Just a funny shot of Z with a root ball on his head. "getting back to his roots!" lol

studying Italy=yummy Italian sodas...

...with cream! (we splurged this day, for sure...and many days after this as well. Grin.)

he approves

fruit pizza in the colors of the Italian flag

Today I nursed 4 baby dolls, 3 stuffed dogs, 1 rubber cow and a matchbox car. I extracted a piece of broccoli from an ear. I read the same book 20 times and had to agree that the goat was indeed a sheep in this book, and this was all by 8:45am. Shew! so much for eating bon bons and lounging on the couch! She's lucky she's so darn cute! ♥

kid's books. we loved them both.

creating a Lincoln Log city

and helicopter

and tooth less giggles

gutting a baby gourd 

homeschool science:  Mouth Volcanoes. Eeew!  (his idea, btw)

salt dough ornaments

making messes.  this lovely free range organic highly priced bird stuffed with no less than 10 cloves of garlic was making our mouths water for hours while it roasted in my sweet cobalt blue pan. All was right with the world. The pan mysteriously BURST into a million pieces and we had to order pizza. I confess there were tears and ugly words strewn all around.  Sad night indeed.  

my sweet girl

making salt dough ornaments 

brother's handprint

hiding in the closet.

claiming the mitts

my first wool felted fedora! a gift for my daddy and he LOVES it and wears it all the time. that makes me very happy.

nature table

finger painting

play dough.  a "baaaaby!" of course

it does take a million plates, forks, spoons, bowls to make eating yogurt fun, don't ya know?

this little creation is not my own but we loved them so much. they came home with my husband from the Farmers Market. Shortbread "cheese' cookie with a sweet little chocolate covered cherry "mouse"

with almond slices for ears

so fun and so dear!

merino and alpaca scarf for my sis in law

He just needs wings.  Pattern HERE.
Willow's birthday gift from me. Wooly Owl.

nativity nature table with a felted gift AND a turtle (Cai insisted)

this is Willow's 2nd birthday crown

made by Granny. the buttons on there belonged to my great grandparents. I cherish this crown so much! the girl is me and she is picking flowers for her baby girl Willow. So sweet.

daddy stealing birthday loves

Granny also made willow a pair of wool longies and matching purse.  I was so thrilled!

birthday girl

happy day

they adore each other. warms my heart.

can I eat that cake yet?  :)
If you've made it this far, I hope you have a blessed week with lots of making, yarning and reading.  ps, I've read some awesome books in the past few weeks, hopefully I can post about them for the next Yarn Along link-up.