Saturday, September 15, 2012

Project Life: 8/15 to 8/20 Slug, Lost Tooth, New clothes, Veggie Love


A really cool looking slug the boys found on the porch.  This thing was huge!

new clothes for a new "school" year.  he was sooo proud and happy!

how to keep the girl busy?  Wool and scissors!

...and shaving cream paint.  read more about that here

pretty way to add sparkle to our day

he got new clothes too.  doesn't he look happy? ha!

he IS so awesome!

biggest brother did her hair this day

she was pretty tickled

...until she turned into a monster!~  roar!!!

cheese roar?

first day of 12th grade for my baby boy #1

he FINALLY lost his top tooth (3rd tooth) here he is drinking/swishing with Colloidal Silver and packing his tooth in a baggie 

the other one (4th tooth) is wiggly now

dyeing some yarn.  Read More ABOUT THAT HERE.  This one is called "Man of Constant Sorrow" and I was nervous about getting it out of the bath, for I was distracted by an 11 pm game of Eye Spy with the guys but it turned out perfect, to me.

Huge tree, no idea what it is called 

...but the leaves are ginormous!

My friend messaged me that these trees grow an absurd amount of feet every year

Miss Sassypants

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