Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pastel Art: A Marsh

We had some friends over and did an art lesson.  The medium was Chalk Pastels and the subject was A Marsh.  We were going to visit our local marsh for a Mud Raking exercise-we didn't end up making it there because I was to "swamped" (haha!) getting ready for Zay's 18th birthday party but we did get to experience the creating of a marsh with our friends.  It turned out lovely!

the Marsh crew

finished shots

they turned out really awesome!

even for the less artistic folks (j/k)  

we used step by step instructions from a tutorial blog.  If you are interested in doing this (or many more) here is the site that we used and plan on using it for upcoming lessons:

I love that one of our students added a little camp fire and tent to his marsh picture!

skumble is the artistic word for layering colors

chalk pastels

I LOVE their messy goodness

they wanted to do more abstract work after their marsh pics were completed

he wanted to build with the pieces afterwards

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