Saturday, September 15, 2012

Late Summer Veggie Soup: a recipe

Yes, I let my kids use sharp knives in the kitchen.  Yes, I supervise them.  Yes, it builds knowledge and skills and accomplishment and confidence, at an early age.  
Below is a (loose) recipe for using all of our late summer harvest goodies:

snapping beans

then snapping again :)

"Mama, when Jesus comes to take me to heaven, how will He know that I CANNOT breathe in the atmosphere WITHOUT A SPACE SUIT?!  You HAVE GOT to tell Him, Mama, that He has to bring a SPACE SUIT!!" 

Fresh green beans

chopping roast and veggies

tomato, leftover roast, red pepper, green tomato, green peppers

chop chop chop

chopping carrots


carrots and more

bringing it to a boil

adding onions and peppers and garlic and taste testing the carrots ;)

the soup after it has been cooked all day 

All summer harvest vegetables:  we used Carrots, green beans, garlic, onions, peppers of all sorts, red potatoes, sweet potatoes, Jerusalem artichokes, green and red tomatoes, eggplant etc..
meat:  you can use meat if you wish, we used chopped pieces of  a beef roast from a previous supper
32 oz chicken or veggie stock/broth
salt and pepper
herbs (fresh or dried)  we used basil, oregano, cumin, coriander, rosemary, thyme
water to cover if the broth doesn't cover it in the cooking pot

Bring to a boil and then let simmer (covered) for HOURS or until the veggies are tender and luscious
add extra sharp cheese or raw cheese if desired

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