Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Split Pea Soup: a recipe

I was distracted by the aroma to actually get some good shots (grins) of the soup but here is a "loose" recipe:

1 bag of dried split peas (soaked in vinegar/water for about an hour)
1 32 oz carton of chicken broth
Ham hunks with bone
Salt and Pepper
Cumin and Coriander
1 onion
10 cloves of garlic (we like a lot of garlic)
2 cups of water (approx)

Boil the chicken broth and add the split peas. Cover with water.  Add everything else.  Turn on low and cook for about 2 hours, covered.  The peas break down and the water reduces and it thickens.  Yum and easy! I served it with "Crack Bread" (recipe here) but any good ole crusty type bread will be delish!  :)

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