Friday, August 24, 2012



Mister Seahorse is wonderful book (both visually & literally) by Eric Carle.  It is all about the daddy caretakers of the sea. I had no idea there were so many - I learned quite a few new things from this book myself! 

Last week's trial run of home education with a toddler running amok was a doozy to say the least but this week we ROCKED it! :)

Unit Study and Lit fun using Mister Seahorse by Eric Carle. I have to remember to feed these critters before we do a school lesson.  wink.

counting by 5's and by 2's
Do-A-Dots are Cai's favorite!

finger paint/color blending lesson

I used sheets from Learning Fun dot com

Yarn "sewing" hair onto Mr Seahorse

scissors and wool for tot school

kept her busy

while he was working on fine motor skills

...and creating a yarn "mane" for Mr Seahorse

working that wool

so cute!

lining up crayons and playing "battle" with them

Finished product

shaving cream in a bag

...makes a lovely sensory tool

for practicing letters.  Ssss for Seahorse :)

working on cutting

Shaving cream art!  (while munching on Pizza from our Pizza Day)

this was shaving cream with water colors and sparkles added on top

then gently smooth it around with a paint brush


once it is mixed up and just so...

we added the Seahorse cutout


and getting in trouble for tasting

I used a piece of cardboard to wipe away the excess

while he did his own messy thing,...

and we got a very beautiful marble type of copy on the Seahorse

while it was drying...

this girl decided to marble herself

and make body art. ha!

soon after this 2nd masterpiece, a bath was drawn, 2nd for the day. sigh.

Silly Platypus 

his shirt tells it all. giggle.
we did an Oil Pastel art lesson (MY favorite medium)

he was instructed to go buck wild with the colors and create an ocean for the Seahorse to live in

"waves and people surfing"

and then we glued the finger painted seahorse and an eyeball to the ocean scene

pencil writing

more do-a-dots

after the shaving cream art dried totally, we cut and glued a fin and  spikes onto him

Cai made an extra seahorse ("a man needs a wife, ya know, Mama??")

he used glue drops for the "babies" (eggs) that the male seahorse carries until they hatch

glue art...apparantly

it turned out pretty too!

air dry clay 

a foot for the nature table (he is anticipating looking for animal tracks in the woods next week)

just trouble.  enough said.
We went on several hikes this week and a "not back to school" party in Shepherdstown with other home school families.  All in all, it was a great, hectic, productive week in our Tot/Pre/Elementary School.
"Learning is not the product of teaching. Learning is the product of the activity of learners." ~John Holt

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