Thursday, August 23, 2012

Project Life 2012 August 4-8th Beach Vacation Picture Overload


We did an Ocean-themed unit study before we left for the vacation.  I love tying in a field trip. Smile.
The night before vacation, midnight snack, eating a bowl of sliced peaches

grandaddy asked for a hair cut

I think he's going to miss us ;)

messy yogurt eaters at the hotel

pizza eater at the hotel ;)

lemon drop baby

and yes, I did pack her 7 bathing suits. hehehe! 

I woke up the first day early to get pictures of the sunrise but it was too cloudy

still very beautiful though

on the balcony


Apricots for breakfast 

he bought this hemp hoodie on the boardwalk. I think I may have to steal it from him :)


escape artist

a ladybug showed up on my dress at the ocean

she REALLY enjoyed chasing these birds

the 2nd day the surf was really rough and the tide was really high, it made an embankment where there was none before right at the edge

mouth full of sand

sand for supper, anyone?

rocking the Farmer Tan like a boss! ;)

Sis trying to surf

going in for the kissers

she LOVED the pool. it was heated.

Ready for supper!

Ripley's Believe It or Not

my boys...and my girl...swoon!
he talked about NOTHING else besides wanting to ride the Merry-Go-Round

he was just so excited on that thing!

sweet Cai Ocean

Zarian's first Roller Coaster ride

here they come!

see that grin?  he LOVED it!

playing Ring Toss

she danced for a crowd

watching the boys on the Roller Coaster

he didn't like the loud noises (screams from people riding the big rides)

baby toss

these 2 went on the haunted coaster

a sweet clown made her a balloon flower

smelling the flower

Daddy's favorite swimming suit

headed to the beach again

I love this loose toothed giggle shot

cleaning the carpet
sun rise

Bay Bridge

walking down to the ocean

the clouds were amazing!

he buried her from the waist down

so she played a bit and ...can you guess?...ate more sand

eating this HUGE caramel apple, so big it took us all 2 days to finish it

it was a  mes in that heat, but he was h.a.p.p.y.

He won this Sonic baby by playing darts

getting tired of eating that thing! ha!

we rented a 6-man bike and Willow rode up front and enjoyed the view of the boardwalk

we also rented one of those cool Banana Bikes and that is Zay up there in front of us

the boys in the back of the bike

I love seeing these Jesus sand art displays

the crew.  

It was hard work pedaling this crew.  Zay and Willie took turns on the Banana Bike.

The moment we were waiting for:  The Bonfire!  All you can eat seafood and just about every other food you can think of too.  

we went there hungry on purpose (grin!)

shrimp face

clam head

he ate so much he fell asleep on the table hehehe!

GoKart time for the biggers and train rides for the littles

I love her face here! ha!

Willie on the Big Go Karts

Zay on the Big Go-Karts


We had a great time. It was tiring and peaceful and happy and we crammed in as much as we could and slept hard because of it.  I love making memories with these guys.  Picture overload but I know it will be fun to look back at these in a few years.

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