Thursday, August 23, 2012

Pizza Day!

We did a short unit study on Pizza and had a Pizza Day.
The kids made pizzas and then dessert fruit pizzas. 

oiling the crust

grating the cheese

taking a break. eating yogurt. 

adding the sauce

tasting the sauce?

nibbling the cheese?


yogurt face paint. ha.

adding pepperonis and basil

and black pepper and garlic

some like it hot, some like it not.
HOT peppers, that is.

onions and peppers and HOT peppers on half of one of the pizzas

a definite fraction lesson here 

out of the oven and then they quickly devoured both pizzas

We then made a fruit pizza.

Zarian beating the Heavy Whipping Cream with a few shots of Sugar in the Raw.
local cream from a farmer

Sugar cookie dough.  Cai thought this was so huge cookie!

drinking her shot of African Bush.  Notice the jacket...again?  She STILL insists on putting that  rainbow jacket on every stinking morning, no matter that it is summer time.  :)

the whipped cream "sauce"

Cai said that the best part was licking the  beaters

mixed fruit thawing.  We used mangoes, blueberries, strawberries, black raspberries, and red raspberries.  Some were frozen bought berries and some were berries we picked and froze here.

"morah"???  that is her word for "more"

adding the fruit

that was a s-l-o-w process.  everything had to be just so.

sneaking the cream

the FINISHED pizza!

he may have had 2 pieces...

she ate all of the berries off and that was that

it really was a pretty pizza

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