Sunday, July 8, 2012

THAT kid

I have found out that I have that kid.
You know, THAT kid

you know the one, that ONE that has blueberry stains on her white shirt
and stands on the table and tries to reach the lamp above

and digs all the glassware out of the cabinet

with which to put ice in that she's confiscated from the freezer 

the one that drags the stool over to the sink 

and is very dramatic

you know, the ONE that drinks her bath water

and gets in the bowl to pull out a sweet potato and throw it on the floor and steps on it with  feet donned with two different socks that she put on herself

who decides that wearing a too small hat in 90 degree weather is fashionable

and even more fashionable with her 2 mismatched socks

you know the ONE.  That ONE with berries and dirt under her fingernails (and all over  the house)

who insists on drinking out of a wine glass

then promptly throws it on the floor when she is done with it

you know, the one that tries to break through the rubber-band barrier to get into the cabinet

and tries to move the stool a little closer while standing on it :)

the one that throws toys

and slides down slides

and finds every single "too small" hat in the giveaway pile to wear

you know that kid?  that one the digs in the dirt of potted plants on the table, and hides her  snow day  hat adorned head in shame

then smiles about it

then turns around to act like it never happened

and continues to do it

then tries to clean it up

and looks so cute, she knows she can't be in trouble

do you know that kid?  the one that puts on her brothers shirt over her  fabulously beautiful  girly shirt

and it insists on wearing it.  every day.

That kid.  The one that climbs on the chair to get into big brothers Legos.

and gets really happy about her accomplishment

while wearing a bathing suit bottom on top of her head

do you know that kid?  

the one dangerously perched upon the table?
who is also perched and ready to pull open the drawers on the desk?
and climbs

and giggles

and sits like a cutey pie

the one that pulls herself up on the bench to look out the window

and scales Mt Laundry Pile to peruse the book shelf

with funny faces to make me smile instead of grumble

and moves the stool around the kitchen

with a super cute clothe diaper butt

and sings while she is doing it

and smiles to make us smile

you know that kid. the one that eats from the tomato harvest, bite by juicy bite

like an apple

and has the juicy, tomato-y face

and  juicy shirt

and digs the seeds out by hand

and thinks it's messy and funny

and falls asleep happy and messy 

with her hands behind her head

and butt crack showing

with a saucy face

...and saucy belly

and stylin moves

and expects super cute plumber crack hugs

you know THAT kid....I got that one...and boy, oh boy, am I LUCKY and OH so blessed!

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Emmy said...

I love this!!