Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Project Life: July 16-20 2012 Garden & School Update

JULY 16-20TH

Eggplant galore

I forget the name of this skinny beauty, but isn't she just lovely? some sort of Eggplant.

Papa talking to the girl about some sort of thing

we've had a LOT of rain this past weekend and my Rosemary bushes are  loving life

aren't they great?!  I love them soooooo....

we had a cold Friday night this week, rain  and storms, and we had a festival to go to and then a  dinner date with friends, so ...

out came the knitted Mama made longies (link here) and a sweet suede shirt. Ha!

she was a happy pappy this night

sweet Cletus

riding her turtle

waiting for us to get ready to go

Cai Ocean said he was "ready for school"

sweet girl

soon to be K student

ready for school ...with a market basket on his back

and bare feet

he asked me to take a pic of his belly (?)

crooked- loose- tooth smile

ready for "school"  starting K this year.  Makes me cringe, thinking bout thinking about, thinking about lesson plans.  shew!

basket-head PEACE!

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