Saturday, July 21, 2012

Project Life. July 12-15. a wedding


My Mother's Day gift from a few years ago was this lovely braided Hibiscus.  I have 3 different types in my flower garden and this one is the most spectacular to me.

doesn't it look fake?!

mounds of Patty-pan Squash

I just love saying that word.  It makes me giggle.  Patty-pan.  Giggle.

The toilet paper monster has visited again!

and there she is

wearing Grandaddy's hat

and waiting on supper

This boy got slime as a treat from Papa

Slimy gooey goodness

HOURS of slimey fun

comedian :)

Cat on a Hot (tin roof?)  Passionflower Arbor

I looked up when I walked on the deck to find this little Gray Shoes resting above my head on the Passionflower Harbor Mesh
Layered Salad.  Recipe from my blog-post here.

Tupperware Tot School:  match the lids.

he made up this fun game and played for  a LONG time with this.

"who'd a thunk it?"

"the other" Hibiscus outside my window

basket o'veggies

peppers, onions, beets, tomatoes, carrots

good harvest this day

wedding day dress

we went to a friend's wedding and the girl got fancy ;)

fancy girl (the headband lasted o...about 5 minutes)

daddy getting her dressed

Playing with their tablets until the very last minute before walking out the door.  geesh.

Cai Tate and Sweet Tea

happy fancy girl

bouquet of garden flowers from my Mama for the bride

oldest boy go the job of holding them in the car

the beautiful bride

who knows what Cai Ocean was telling that man, he talks non stop

waiting on the vows

acoustic wedding music, my favorite

banging of the drum

my girl during the wedding

my boy at home at the wedding, shoes kicked off. lol.


Mater harvest

large, cherry, plum, pear, Roma harvest

rainbow harvest variety. makes my heart smile.

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