Wednesday, July 4, 2012


We love to juice around here.  Its messy and a LOT of work and so rewarding. I have to talk myself into it in the mornings or it won't get done.  It is a TON of cutting and clean up. It is also a TON of energy for me and the vitamin/mineral content gives us all a huge high.  My husband has been so busy lately (he is our usual "juicer") that I have taken over the position. So far, our FAVORITE is this:
Carrot, Apple, Ginger, Beet Juice
In this batch though, we added cucumber, an abundance from the garden right now.

carrots from the garden

it is so full of yumminess

and sooooo sweet!

the apples make it so incredibly sweet!  No worries about it being "beet-y:" yes, that  IS a my house lol) 

I do recommend organic ingredients. Who wants to spend an hour or 2 each  morning juicing up pesticides? NOT this chick!  

waiting?  lol

she kept eating the goodies before they could be juiced

along with the beet, we also juice the beet greens.  Vits and mins a  liquid form, at its best, easily assimilated.  oooooooooooo yeah.  smile.

mmmmmmmm hmmmmmmm


good day!

so pretty!  so lovely!  so yummy!

So, it's like a million apples, a million carrots and 2-3 beets. A small hunk of fresh ginger root.  That makes me smile.  Seriously.  Makes me smile.  We also added a ton of cucumber to this batch.  It was rich and frothy and just plain ole lovely.

The beet is the murderer returned to the scene of the crime. The beet is what happens when the cherry finishes with the carrot. The beet is the ancient ancestor of the autumn moon, bearded, buried, all but fossilized; the dark green sails of the grounded moon-boat stitched with veins of primordial plasma; the kite string that once connected the moon to the Earth now a muddy whisker drilling desperately for rubies.

The beet was Rasputin's favorite vegetable. You could see it in his eyes.” 
― Tom RobbinsJitterbug Perfume

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