Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Spring living 2012

New kittens

kisses for kittens

helping Daddy plant

This picture needs a funny caption.  Her face cracks me up.  She LOVES to smell things, then kiss them.

Sassy pants

Peek a Boo!

Texas Sage

Basil planting

Zombie hunting

The MASSIVE Parsley plant.  It wintered over and turned into a bush!


white sage



I am always grateful for this view on my mountain


Cai Ocean in deep thought

This the basket weave wash clothe I made for my Mama for Mother's Day
Doesn't Willow look like her?

Playing in the "bath" at Bath, Berkeley Springs

Those lovely ladies from the Berkeley Springs Farmers Market have "done it again"!  We love their lunch options! Today was couscous and veggie wraps (my favorite, of course, is the roasted red pepper!)

Next 3 photos by Zay

sweet tea! (aka teet!)

finding fish in the stream

Mother's day. We ate ice cream from an Ice Cream shop near the market

happy day for him.  vanilla sugar cone. bliss!

eating ice cream and wading in the springs

We love our Pop!

Crayfish.  Crawdaddy.  

history lesson?

followed by a tough game of Memory. Cai's favorite game of the moment.

Penguin Wenguin.

He must be winning.

eating ice cream...again...

Pop found this awesome 100%WOOL giraffe for Willow.  Wool...SWOOON!!

It was listed as a dog toy, made in Nepal.  100% wool and no doggie here will get his paws on it.  Squeeee!

she LOVES IT!!

Sweet.  Wool. Handmade.  again...BLISS!

sweet girl

cowlick and a pretty dress :)


bath time!
A great end to GREAT days! :)

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