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Project Life: June 10-16: A WALK IN THE FLOWER GARDEN

Project Life
June 10-16th
Twenty Twelve
One week at a glance
In Pictures:

Meet Ruby. She is a baby Robin that my husband rescued from a downed tree and brought home.


Medicine Makers: Lavender



Medicine makers:  Echinacea


our first and only cherry on the baby cherry tree

we split it 3 ways :)

medicine makers: Passionflower.  This is truly one of the most lovely psychedelic flowers. I love her.

edible nasturtium

Zaccai with sister's 100% wool NON dog toy LOL  you can read more about that  IN THIS POST

This girl insists on sitting at the BIG table for snack :) The Girl  and Grapes.

The tomatoes took off and are up to my hips now. So exciting!

medicine makers:  Calendula

Medicine Makers: Calendula

mater :)

Holy Basil

African Bush Basil

Kale and Swiss Chard



medicine makers:  Echinacea

Jerusalem Artichokes

Pompous Grass

Rainbow Chard.  MMMM.


medicine makers: lavender 


Medicine Makers:  Spilanthes.  Toothache herb. We used to trick out friends into taking a bite of this and watch them swear at us with a numbed mouth.  Weren't we bad kids? Giggle

Straw Flowers.

Ageratum (?)

Sweet Williams




medicine makers:  Moonglow Yarrow

MORE echinacea. Why I took so many shots of these lovelies, I do not know.

Passion vine and Nasturtium

medicine makers:  Tansy


medicine makers: Mullein 

medicine makers:  Lambs quarters

more moonglow yarrow



yellow succulent, donkey tails

Daisies, Willow's favorite!



Missouri Primrose

Buggy ride for the boys and The Girl

Cai Ocean calls it a "deer hunt"  (see his little "stick" gun?)

my sweet Tea

She insists on wearing this Rainbow jacket, almost daily (indoors, in 90 degree weather this week) if she can find it. She must LOVE rainbows like her Mama ;)

This sweet thing (Callalily) popped up in my tomato bed and I did NOT plant her.  What a special treat! Weird, but special.

Dino egg growing in a glass jar, courtesy of Zarian
Ruby waiting on food

Zarian feeding her a worm

I do not understand the term "eats like a bird" if someone is saying that one eats very little or eats slowly.  This bird was downing worm after worm and eating like a HOG instead!  :)

Z surprised with the quickness the bird devoured the worm. :)

Cowboy Cai

In Grandaddy's hat

Meet Willie and Ruby.  My husband wrecked a 4-wheeler right before this shot. In one days time, he rescued a birds life and then turned around and smashed up his face and eye and shoulder.  How ironic.  Geeesh!

Cai Ocean playing with Spiderman and Woodman

Our first tomatoes (cherry)

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