Monday, April 23, 2012

Spring Nature Table, needle felting and Knit Along Link-up

We started working on our Spring Nature table, taking down the snowy, wintry things and adding some signs of Spring. You can see our previous Winter Nature Table Here  and some Spring Art HERE. 

I am joining in with Ginny for the Knit along, you can Link Up here

The Bird Fact cards to the right of the photo are part of our ongoing art lesson/nature/science  and the American Robin lesson you can see here

First, I must show you how sweet this little ornery girl is.  She loves to jump and flop and pounce on her brothers!

 and laugh about it!  :)

The boys decided we needed a bit of green to represent the grass (Spring grass being LIME green, according to my baby boy #3,  LOL)
 I decided to knit a few wool American Robin eggs in a blue hue to go with our Nature Study this season.

 Top is the Rainbow Cover-up/scarf, almost done.  Middle is the longies for Willow (since photographing, they are complete).  Bottom left is a pair of green wool longies for my client, expecting her sweet boy very soon.  Bottom middle is a Blanket Stitch wash clothe for my Mama.
up close of the blanket stitch.  It is 5 purl, 5 knit, repeat every 5 rows.
 This sweet Willow Psalm was not happy here, she did NOT want to sit and let me get a pretty picture of her pretty Spring dress.  :)

Brother picked her and made her happy...

 Then he put her on her bouncy thing and she was delighted!

my sweet sweet girl!

 I made a little wool felted knit nest for the birds to sit on while waiting for their "eggs" to hatch on our Nature Table.
she looks comfy, eh?
 I asked the boys what else the Nature Table needed to represent Spring and baby boy #2 said we need MUSHROOMS!  TOADSTOOLS!
 I found a pattern for a little sweet mushroom and knit it up.  They were quite impressed since I am a beginning intermediate knitter, ya know?  smile!
 I needle felted some wool alpaca roving onto it for the dots

toadstools and grass and spring reminds me of Waldorf schooling and gnomes and happy imagination days.  I think a baby gnome will be next on the needles.

Here is the complete set up so far, including stones and baby pinecones.
 Zarian decided at 11pm last night to needle felt something on his mind.  Who am I to say when imagination and creativity strikes?  hehehe.  I was exhausted...but pulled out the supplies anyway...
 He started with wool felt as the base and used black, light blue, red and white wool roving (some alpaca, the rest sheep's wool)
hard at work needle felting

only 1 boo-boo, those needles are SHARP!

Concentration at its best!  
 It ended up being a picture of a Sackboy from the game Little Big Planet.  That sackboy really had some pretty sweet pants on at the end of the felting.

baby boy #3 occupying his time with Mighty Beans
 Just for fun, I wanted to show you the size of this pizza we decided to get for the boys for supper yesterday.  Can you say LARGE?!  Indeed, it was!  The kids were sooo surprised and excited!  If you are local and wanting to know where this ginormous pie came from, it is from Pizza Montese in Spring Mills.  They said it was YUMMY!

UP CLOSE shot of the wee bitty pinecones found at the swamp we visited a few weeks ago.  To read about that adventure, click HERE.
So, what are you knitting or reading? You can skip over to Ginny's blog and check out what everyone else is up to.  

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