Monday, April 2, 2012

Signs of Spring!

                                                          Mary, Mary, quite contrary,
                                                         How does your garden grow?

                               During the 2nd week of March we decided to look for signs of Spring!

she kept kissing her shoes, the grass, the sticks
...and her Kitty Georgia

                The kids played in the sand pit and made "roadways, highways, Zombie lands" for hours.

Look Mama!

                                                                butterfly bush with a hiding Mama Kitty
                                            River rocks in a pile to use later around a walkway, hopefully

watching the boys play in the sand pit

There she goes again, kissing that cat :)

apple bud



more garden goodies

It feels so lovely in there, must be the extra chlorophyll or something

and just looks so pretty to me

baby spinach and carrots

bib lettuce

in the orange pot, there is another of those Praying Mantis cocoons (you can read about the other ones HERE)

"look Mama, a sign of SPRING!"  A piece of the Grape Hyacinths

blooming rosebush (gave to me by my sweet Mama and Stepdaddy last year for  Mother's Day)


vine plants (melons, squash etc...)

Burning Bush

A hush is over everything, Silent as women wait for love; The world is waiting for the spring.
Sara Teasdale


cherry blossoms coming (buds now)
Break open a cherry tree and there are no flowers, but the spring breeze brings forth myriad blossoms.
Ikkyu Sojun

"Helpin a SISTA out" 

grape hyacinth

Sage and Thyme poppin out

Frog's Tongue (sedum)

Bronze fennel popping up everywhere (see that dark feather like green that looks like hair? teehee)  My boys eat this stuff  like candy, so they were more thrilled about the multitude than I was ;)

Dandelion (LOVE them for medicine, tea, cookies,tinctures, salads etc...) and a spotted leaf pretty plant that blooms early spring purple and pink and again in fall and I can't think of the name

Vinca vine

Baby Boy #3 picked Amy and I around 30 of these yellow sunshines and was so excited about recognizing the signs of Spring.  So sweet, that boy!

Chives and Onions popping up

Signs of Spring painting that Cai made with paint (orange and blue, his choice) and  those lovely Dandelions

We thought the painting ended up looking like fireworks

and then we had Ramp and Mango salad with feta and  read a sweet Spring book to top of the Spring theme.
                   What other Signs of Spring will we find this week?  Can't wait to find out, although after our hike with friends to a stinky Marsh and then a lovely "cooling" off at the creek afterwards, I am a little wiped out.  hehehe.  Maybe we will try again Wednesday, since April is here now.

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