Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Picture overload (school days)

These pictures are dated (Jan 2012 to present) but I must include them in this space :)


daddy's girl SUPER HERO


CAPE and all :)

President's Day cards  mix and match

Baby boy #3 was totally enthralled with Lincoln's beard 

so we made him one :)

making the "crap" come off of the Penny with some salt and Vinegar

dirty penny

mixing it up

"Painting" the penny

clean penny (with solution) vs dirty penny 

then we tried a rusty nail
I have a dear friend.  Her name is Mary.  She knits my baby the MOST gorgeous, soft, natural fiber LOVELINESS around.  We gasp and share and feel-up and scream and goo and gaaaa over the packages that we receive with the "Mary-goodies"
Mary hat

Mary socks
Willow is REALLY into this kissing thing


She (WE!!!) adore her Mary goodies!!
This smooch shot makes my heart warm and cozy


She does this pose quite often and we just eat it (her!) up every time.  

Mary Goodies Hat and Booties in one shot here
 Just for fun, I HAD to show you the drawing Baby Boy #2 did for Martin Luther King Jr Day.  We take this day/his life very serious and I show many many videos and books and try very hard (without hurting their spirit) to show how these days unfolded, not so many years ago, and how we need to continue to love love love love love each other.  This drawing made me smile:
baby boy #2 drawing of King (see that beard? he thought that he needed a beard. why?  no idea!)

baby boy #3 drawing of Dr Martin Luther King 

pretty good drawing minus the beard ;)

did I post this already? an awesome bee hive the boys found and we put it on our Nature Table. 
                                 Its GREAT to be a Homeschooler and/or a Mama or both.  :)

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