Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hot Cold Swiss Chard Salad

We have an abundance (read:  TOTAL OVERLOAD AND NO ROOM IN THE FRIDGE)  of Swiss Chard, Spring Onions, Carrots and Spinach this Spring (thanks to hoophouses and lovely friends that unload their bounty) so I had to come up with something to do with all this booty.  I have made this dish 2 times week and could still eat it again and again and again. Seriously. 
I am giving directions for the cold and hot part, then you just mix together at the end.  Delightful!


Take Swiss Chard and chop chop chop. Place the chard stems and some leaf on a baking sheet with chopped Sweet Potatoes, Spring onions, tons of red pepper (!), carrots, any other veggie you wish. I added about 6 cloves of  fresh garlic (minced) but we are garlic freaks in this house, so do how many you wish, but remember, garlic is your friend.  It wards away ticks and bugs and stuff if you eat enough of it :)  anyhoo, cover with sea salt, oregano, basil and any other herbs of your choosing.  I used red pepper flakes and cayenne and paprika to mine.  

Then add some clumps of Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil (here and there and everywhere)

Then roast at 375 for about 15 minutes, take out and swish them around, and bake again for another 15 minutes or until tender and lovely.

                                                                THE COLD PART:
                                         Chop up more Chard leaf and put in a big ole bowl

add more fresh spring onions too!
Add to the big ole bowl, some dressing of your choice, I used gluten free Tamari Ginger 
and add a few tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar and Ume Plum Vinegar (optional)

Mix the dressings and the cold fresh veggies (in the big ole bowl) around and around until wilty and sloppy and lovely.
 Add some chopped apple.  Its optional but seriously, I would NOT lie about how delicious this sweetness is when added to the cold part (salad part).  Seriously.  Devine.  Sweet and salt combo..hum, yeah! One dish of this, this week, I also added chopped strawberries, so experiment with fruit.  Its great, I promise!
 Then when the (hot part) roasted veggies are done, dump them in with the cold salad.  Devour.  Refill Plate.  you can thank me later :)

 A trick for Spring Onions:  you only have to buy them (locally, non GMO, in season) once this year!  take one little sprig of Spring Onion (the white part) and put it in your sunny window in a glass (not yucky tupperware or plastic!) and it will grow like crazy.  You can snip and snip the green part (scallions or the like) for every dish you make/wish.  Then it will continue to grow and grow.  Keep snipping and growing.  Funny how that works.  Must be God's plan, after-all.

1 day in water in the window, see the green part growing?

...and growing

day 2 in water.  See the green part (scallion) growing like a wildflower?  yay!
 Anyway, just how a glimpse of my cooking daily, THIS sweet girl wants to nurse while the HOT part is roasting.

begging for titters

 I nurse her 

Then immediately after its done, she brings me her sling

sweet girl

with Hot Cold  Swiss Chard Salad on her face, she wants to take a walk.  Can you blame her?!  :)  giggle.
so there you have it.  A quick, scrumptious meal, made in 30 minutes or less, satisfying and great for the whole clan.  

"Spring shows what God can do with a drab and dirty world." ~ Virgil A. Kraft

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