Monday, April 23, 2012

Felt Snake Necklace (how to keep the littles busy) and a painting bible study lesson

I wanted something tactile and motor skill enhancing for my 5 year old baby, and since he wanted to learn to "sew", I made him a wool felt sewing necklace to lace.

I cut strips of wool felt into squares and put a little slit in the middle of each one.

I sewed a button on each end of a long piece of ribbon. I had him "sew" lace the squares onto the ribbon.
I used a bigger button on one end (the lacing end) and a smaller button on the other end as a "stopper"

He worked diligently for at least 45 minutes. He was quite happy with the results.

smaller button as the stopper

I made the ribbon long enough that he could use it as a necklace if he chose to

After he had enough of the lacing, he played for another 20 minutes with the "snake" and some trucks in a game of imaginary play that he made up.  It was sweet to watch.

He came back 3 times in the days that followed to have me cut more squares for him to thread onto the ribbon.  He still has a way to go for it to be completely filled up but he enjoys doing it so I keep cutting :)


After we learned about Baby Moses in the basket and a bit of his life, we learned that God parted the Red Sea for the Israelite people to cross on dry ground.  I made a little art lesson out of it. We used painters tape to cordon off the middle portion of a piece of white paper.  My boys drew pictures of fish and other sea creatures (and some zombies too, geesh, my boys! lol)
They then painted the entire page with water colors (blue, purple, black, green) to represent the sea.
Baby Boy #3 added some huge hunks of crayon to the painting.  It did turn out neat because of the effect of the watercolor resist going on in the end

After everything was dry we ripped the painters tape off of the pictures and there was a completely bare spot of "land"represented how God parted the Sea for the people to cross over.  The kids were so excited for this part.  Bad mama forgot to photograph that though.  Snook Snook.  :)
And what was little Miss Willow P. doing this whole time, you ask? She was taking a candle holder that is shaped like a rocking chair and SITTING in it.  Her big ole cloth diaper butt couldn't fit into it but she made it work.  Wink.

Family visited for the weekend and played SEVERAL games of Memory, much to the younger ones delight.

And Willow Psalm thought it a GREAT opportunity to get into the school supplies while they were distracted...
Cousin Jordan making the girl laugh

...after we visited the Farmers Market for goodies

A man travels the world over in search of what he needs, and returns home to find it.
- George Moore

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