Saturday, April 28, 2012

...and it's a wrap!

Whole Grain and Brown Rice, Sweet Potato Wrap

When we got home from Z's cold soccer game this morning,  I was super delighted to find a huge harvest of Sprouts (sunflower and bean) and a teeny tiny harvest of broccoli (I love my man).  I found some leftover baked sweet taters and a brown/whole grain rice mix that we had for supper yesterday.  I decided that while my baby girl was doing this:
Willow and her 5th Strawberry today

watching the birds out the window and munching on berries, my girl

...and baby boy was doing this:
lining up his toys, repeatedly, many many times per day

that I would throw together a wrap of some sort.  And it was GREAT.

baked sweet potatoes chopped up, cubed, hunked...whatever

brown rice/whole grain rice mix

broccoli bits chopped

I warmed them up in a 350 oven for about 15 minutes 

add some sprouts

        Slap on some sour cream if you like (we LIKE!)

      Roll it up and eat it as soon as possible :)

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