Thursday, March 8, 2012

Nature Table, Cuneiform and Play-dough Fun

‎"Rejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life!" - Albert Einstein 
Our finished Cuneiform models 
The baby boys found a birds nest and was really excited to put it in a special place, after we admired it on our Nature Table for a week.  They are adding some hair and wool roving to the area that the nest will finally be laid, in hopes that the birds will use those things also to finish their nests.
I just have to say that I am in AWE of those intelligent creatures for being able to create THIS out of straw and other fibers and  can you see the intricate details in their architecture?  geeesh, amazing!

current nature table.  Winter. Pregnant Mama from Africa, Snow scene, stones, pine cones, clay cookies and snowmen, etc...
we planted a Pineapple. We just cut off a few inches from the green leaf stalk and stuffed into some dirt.  This part is easy, waiting for the roots to grow and take hold.  The next step is more difficult, maybe.  BUT a pretty pineapple plant is lovely to behold, never the less :)

I think I am going to transfer to the greenhouse once the roots take hold
this fine creation is the inside of my childhood LOVELY night light.

oh the memories!

so thankful that my Mama (granny goose) decided to save this for me!
that rabbit there, see it?  I always believed it was Snoopy, the dog!  it wasn't, just resembled him, but you couldn't tell me that when I was little.  Doesn't it look like Snoopy to you?  :)

The Nature Table for February.  I made a wool roving needle felted "present" to represent Cai Ocean's birthday (5th!)  and also a wool roving (I had to dye the red because we didn't have any RED roving) heart to represent Valentine's Day.

Turning FIVE is a big deal around here.  I felted him a crown with a winter scene. A roman numeral 5, since we are learning that right now. 

she is always bringing us treasures for the nature table.  ha!
the boys found a lovely bees nest to observe. We added it to the nature table and studied Bees this winter.
Using the Story of the World as our spine for history studies, Zay is rolling out the dough for the cuneiforms

The Egyptians were among the earliest people to use writing.   They used pictures to write with. We call these Hieroglyphs. The pictures stood for certain words.

The Sumerian picture-writing was called cuneiform. Because the Sumerians lived between 2 rivers, they had  plenty of damp clay.  We used clay that can be baked.

Cai Ocean enjoyed using pieces of cut up paper to form the letter E
sharp knives?  yes, please.  :)

this is what SHE does while we are working of ancient works of writing

Z decided to make a cuneiform "man" instead  he he he!

so far, we have the words PEACE, a man, a "wishbone", a snail and a peace sign.  Oh, and a book mark and a "knot".
after baking

after all of that sensory work, they request homemade playdough.  This is the NON cook play dough, found on google.

using a POKER to make circles in the clay

I swear my kids could live and learn daily by multiple hours of play dough  "play" slash "work"!!!

cookie cutter fun!

"its an ant hill, mama!"
"foot prints, Mama!!"
while we are distracted, the GIRL gets into the other school things, any THING she can :)
adding this, well, because she is just toooo stinkin' cute 

Snowy Day, Sunshine 

Using the clock pieces to build a tower.

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