Saturday, March 31, 2012

Healing oils and cocoons and a ballet girl

While studying Ancient Egypt, we learned that the Egyptians would use oils made from wonderful plants and spices to rub the bodies of the deceased before they are wrapped for burial.  We used the Rosemary plant (above) and some Cinnamon (ground, dried) and olive oil to make our own lovely oil (healing, especially for aches and pains). We put everything in a mason jar and set it in a sunny window for over a week, shaking it every day.

                                                           Shake, shake, shake :)

                                                         Shake, shake, shake :)
After that, the boys strained the oil in a stainless steel strainer (cheesecloth would work also)
                                                    and funneled back into a clean jar.
                                              There ya have it.  A lovely essential oil rub down concoction, aka: infusion.                   My husband and middle boys have been using it tremendously this week.
Above is a picture of a Praying Mantis cocoon. My husband collects them in the spring and puts them in our gardens and greenhouses. They "eat the bugs that eat daddy's plants!" says my baby son. Praying Mantis babies climb out, when they hatch, by the HUNDREDS. It is the most awesome thing ever to witness!  In order for everyone in this house to watch one of them hatch, we put one of the cocoons (found at the local park by a friend at our playgroup) into a mason jar with a mesh lid.  Don't get caught with it hatching in your car though!  haha.  this happened to a friend and she was DAYS getting those lil guys out of her car.  :)
                                           Praying Mantis cocoon attached to a stick.
on the nature table it sits...and we wait ;) We did get to witness the hatching of 2 of them already this year, early by most standards (March has been WARM here!). One in the jar and one in the greenhouse.  Baby boy wanted to name the babies but after the 5th one (out of 100-ish babies) he decided it was a bad idea.  Giggle.
Here are the pictures of the enclosed cocoon being hatched.  We really enjoyed the show!

Can you see them?
                                            We decided to learn about cocoons and settled on creating a putty recreation of a Basket Moth cocoon.  Zarian did a great job and then drew it on paper for his portfolio.

Then I just had to share these sweet pics of Willow dressed as a ballerina.  You know, in this house of all boys, it was a welcome bit of pink cuteness.  A friend gave us the outfit.  We all enjoyed the evening of watching her spin and twirl with her 15 month old silly self.  :)

and clap and spin and touch her toes.  How does she know to do this?  Must be the pink frills leading the way :)

                                          Willow being silly.  We just adore this sweet pink ballerina!
                                      Spring has sprung and its great to be a part of it!   xxoox

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Aww! Such a sweet family you have. Miss seeing you all. ~ Erin