Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Down Time, knitting, happy birthday

Five years ago yesterday, I gave birth to this sweet sweet slice of humanity, just  in time to see the sun rise.
 You can read his birth story by looking along the right hand side and finding his baby picture and clicking the link listed below.
 This sweet guy has been soooo super excited this year, the first time, to have a birthday (with a needle felted CROWN!).
 I was determined to make it  special, being 5 is magical, you know? At least that is the way he described it to me :)  I will post pictures soon of his special day.
 Today is spent relaxing, loving, knitting, reading and pondering.  He whispered to me today this:  "Mama, do you know that we won't live in THIS house forever?"  and I said "oh yeah?"  and he whispered, "our new house will be really nice, do you know when we will live there? ...When WE GO TO HEAVEN!"  With his little lisp and all, this was the sweetest thing I have ever heard.  Sweet reminder from the smartest boy.  Love him so!

I do not want winter to end.  You want to shoot me for saying that, right?
  Well, I have been healing and hunkering down and  emotionally working through things, forced down time is my friend.  I love being able to determinably focus on these moments.  These little whispers and play acting and closeness.  I am having a hard time watching these little lives have birthdays and grow, albeit tickled by their growth, but bittersweet all the same. I  am very thankful that I have been given them, especially THEM, to grow with.  So more prayer and peace and soul searching it will be, today, on this lovely cold winter day. 

As I grow to understand life less and less, I learn to love it more and more.

~ Jules Renard ~

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