Monday, October 24, 2011


Willow Psalm Kamaria Kemp.  I am grateful and in awe of the blessings of my friends and strangers since she has been born.  (I PROMISE TO WRITE HER BIRTH STORY SOOON!!) I have recieved a HUGE amount of cloth diapers and clothes (and shoes and hats and tights and longies and shorties) since her birth and every bag (of love!) blesses us so much.  I am VERY VERY  behind on posting, but all in good time I will get back to blogging. SHE takes  up most of our time right now, along with homeschooling her brothers. (titty girl, she is) I hope you all are happy and healthy today and always. For those that have been commenting in my email box, I *think* my comment section has been fixed so feel free to try it out!  xoox