Friday, April 29, 2011


Ronda and I took sweet Baby Willow and Cai Ocean to the Farmers Market.  I went to buy lamb and some onions, Cai Ocean went for the cookies.  I constantly express to my friends that buying LOCAL, IN SEASON goodies not only is better for our bodies, how nature intends us to eat, but that is supports local artisans and farmers, which in turn, supports our local economy and communities.  Community, the word itself, says it all.  We all need a slam dunk of help from friends from time to time and the more we build bridges and offer our help to each other, the better off we are and the more we are truly LIVING. We need to live, eh?  If we support growers that poison our foods, use tons of fuel and many miles to bring us onions and sacrifice community by doing so, we are not truly living.  I am guilty of buying those deeeelish avacados and bananas from other parts of our country and beyond, but seriously, buying local and in season makes my heart sing.  Sing with me please.

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