Friday, October 15, 2010

Owl Unit Study

So the format to this post is jacked up and I can't seem to fix it :(

This week we did an OWL UNIT STUDY.  I must say that this was *so*much*fun* because I absolutely LOVE owls.
We talked about the different types of owls, different parts of an owl, where owls live, what type of HOOT certain owls make and  what owls eat.

My boys especially loved learning new words:  Raptor, Carnivore and Talon(s) and their meanings.  I've tried to give them many opportunities

   to use these words in sentences lately.  We talked   about what we eat, plants included, and what a Carnivore eats.

We read the book Owl Babies by Martin Waddelland did a "lapbook" (we used for a resource for this lapbook)  We made mini-books and listened to poetry about owls.  Their favorite seemed to be 5 Little Owls by Lucia Kemp Henry.

We read many books about OWLS and some of the titles are:  ~Owls by Markle ~Owls by Gail Gibbons ~ Owls-Welcome to the World of Animals by Diane Swanson ~The Book of North American Owls by Helen Roney Sattler and ~Owly Flying Lessons by Andy Runton


We made a simple NO BAKE OATMEAL Cookie recipe and added bananas and raisins or chocolate chips for the eyes, nuts (almonds) for the nose.  Not all that healthy but definitely a great treat for my boys.  They devoured them!
In the hollow tree, in the old gray tower, The spectral Owl doth dwell; Dull, hated, despised, in the sunshine hour, But at the dusk--he's abroad and well! Not a bird of the forest e'er mates with him-- All mock him outright, by day: But at night, when the woods grow still and dim, The boldest will shrink away! O, when the night falls, and roosts the fowl, Then, then, is the reign of the Horned Owl!
Author: Barry Cornwall (pseudonym of Bryan Waller Procter)

And the boys and my husband picked these from our garden...awesome surprise!! 


musicalmary said...

I love seeing what you did! I'm visiting you from the weekly wrap-up. I am glad I found your blog and look forward to reading more about your journey!

Giggly Girls said...

Love those owl cookies!! Yummy!!

See Jamie blog said...

That looks fun -- and those cookies came out great! Probably yummy, too!

Sarah said...

Looks like a fun study. We'll be learning about owls in January so I'll have to try to remember those cookies. I'm sure my kids would love them too.