Thursday, October 7, 2010

Joy...for the "spreadin"

joy may come loudly with bells on, more often, it comes quietly, in small pockets, scattered throughout the days, reminding us, no matter what, joy is always available.........
and worth spreading.

So, my boys and I got to love on *this* little guy and oh how we loved on him.  He is a special cousin (aka:  brother of the pack of great-grand-children) and what a sweet little dumplin he is!  My boys (and I) wish that we lived closer and could love on him daily!  He is full of personality and is surrounded by good literature, daily Bluegrass music and culture/heritage from his Papa and awesome Mama...and we love him sooooooooo.  We also hope is Mama is reading this (giggle) to know that we would LOVE another visit and a pregnant Mama (me) is hard to transport to far-away places due to frequent stops at dirty bathrooms   and would LOVE for her to bring him to see/play with us again :)
Love you Cuz!!

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Sharon said...

Awh that was so sweet, THANK YOU! We wish we lived closer to you too. Jusiah really enjoyed playing with his cousins (if you couldn’t tell with all the running and screaming), they had a blast. I really am trying to make sure he gets “good reads” and good music (bluegrass, etc.), although a lot of it has been through you helping me (recommending good reads and good music, Thank you! I am definitely planning another visit, and it will be this month or next to bring you some “baby stuff.” We feel the same way about you guys as well, we love and miss you DAILY. Again, thanks for changing the way we live forever! Love you too Cuz….