Saturday, July 18, 2009


I am organizationally challenged. I admit that willingly and freely. I do, however, have my birth bag packed and awaiting the "deliciousness" that is about to be born. In his own time. Nuff said.


kris said...

waaiiit a minute. did i miss something somewhere?!? i'm assuming by your title that the birth bag is for YOUR birth?? you're a very good secret keeper:) congrats! and many awesome, positive, blessed birth prayers sent up for you:)

tie-dyed doula said...

OOOOH NOOOO! Not me LOL!! hee hee I am cracking up-I can see how you would take it that way...sorry bout that! I am a doula and that post was for my client/friend and she is patiently waiting a new wonderful arrival. the admission was that I admit that I have 0% organizational skills. hee hee
sorry! have an awesome day!

kris said...

haha!! i know you're a doula, but when your titla said admission, i thought you were admitting your secret! ahh, funny! well, many blessings sent your friends was too:)