Thursday, May 14, 2009


I am almost at my year mark for being Shampoo and Conditioner FREE. Tomorrow is the anniversary. I started on this trek one year ago and haven't looked back since.

It started when I notice that my sons' hair never got greasy. NEVER. It got plenty dirty (you know boys: sand, ashes from the fire pit and gum falling out of their mouths while sleeping, but that's another day's post). I didn't use shampoo on their heads (even though I did on my own hair during this revelation). I just used the soap (home made by mama) to lather up and rinse their hair and that was it. No real reason, I just did it that way. I am more particular with my boys than with myself (mother love, I guess). My hair however, seemed to need washing every day to not feel or look greasy (now I know it was chemical build up from shampoo).

I did some research and found out that many forms of illnesses can come from the chemicals that in shampoo (Alzheimers, Parkinsons etc...). Darn. Reading along, I find out that our hair actually is better managed, chemical free, and CHEAP to maintain in its natural state.

Who came up with Shampoo and conditioner anyway? What did people do before shampoo came into the mainstream? Was their hair always greasy after not washing for a day? What about the natural state of hair makes it greasy after not washing for a day or 2? Why is this? How could this be? What year did shampoo and conditioner come into play and why? Money? Dependence upon a product? These were questions that I was asking myself.

Hmmm...can I do this?

Well, the end result after a month was hair that looked like...hmmm, how do I say this? that hadn't been washed for a month. I wore ponytails and tried to keep the greasy look hidden...hee hee

BUT...big but...

After that month of transition, it was back to its original state of chemistry from birth. Amazing. Getting that build up out of my hair and not having to wash it daily to keep the "grease" look at bay was really worth that first month.

You want to try it, you say? I have fairly long hair, so I use a few tablespoons of baking soda in a cup of water. Just swoosh around and scrub in my hair. Let sit for a few minutes and rinse. Then I take the vinegar, about a 1/2 cup and add cool water in a cup and pour over my hair. I let it sit while taking care of the bathing issues and then rinse with warm and then cold water. Voila! Done.

You can adjust the amount of baking soda and vinegar for your hair length. It may take a few tries to get it perfect but in no time, you will have the perfect amount down pat.

I take a bath instead of a shower and the benefits to my skin from the baking soda and vinegar are awesome as well! I hate to think of what the shampoo and conditioner was doing to my skin all along. Plus, you know that what you put on your skin gets into your blood stream, so in all reality, it should be stuff that is edible, right?

I just keep the box of baking soda and the Apple Cider Vinegar, along with a big cup, right on the edge of my tub.

The baking soda is 89 cents at the food store and the vinegar is around 4.00. They last over a month.

ALSO...the baking soda and vinegar keep my drain AND my tub cleaner than you can imagine! Wow, talk about "green cleaning"! :)

You can do some really cool things once you get can add some herbs to your vinegar to get cleaning and coloring results. For instance, for a darker shade, you can add sage or rosemary. For a lighter shade, you can add marigolds or calendula. Very subtle, not dramatic, so don't be alarmed!

I take a mason jar full of vinegar and add sage leaves and lavendar (gotta love the lavender!) and let it soak for 4 weeks. I strain and put into pretty jars and bottles for myself and for my friends for Christmas presents. I have friends with dreads, as well as sons with dreads, and this particular infusion is awesome for cleaning dreadlocks. It is anti-bacterial and that's clean...

Long story short, I love being POO-FREE and have all intentions of staying this way...I can only eliminate things in my life that are harmful, one day at a time. This is just one way that I chose get rid of the ever-invading chemicals in our home...

Leave a comment at the end of this post if you are POO-FREE or considering it. I would love the feed back.
If I haven't answered any questions, please leave a comment and remind me...much love!