Thursday, January 8, 2009

teaching tradition

I know I am a little late on this post but just got me picture upload working again-
This year we celebrated Advent. What a nice way to anticipate Jesus birth. If you are interested in
celebrating Advent next Christmas season, there are tons of ways to fall in line. Just google Advent if you are unsure the meaning and celebration of the coming of our Savior

This is how our family did it:

Starting 4 Sundays before Christmas

Day one-HOPE light a purple candle and read scripture from Isaiah 60:2-3 and pray
Day two-PEACE light 1st purple candle, then another purple candle and read Mark 1:4 and pray
Day three-JOY light 1 & 2 purple candles and also 3rd purple candle. Read Isaiah 35 and pray
Day four-LOVE light 3 purple and one yellow or rose candle. Read Isaiah 9:6-7 and pray
Day5 or Christmas Eve: Light all previous candles and ONE white (or green) one. Read Luke 1:68 and Luke 2:1-20

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