Monday, November 10, 2008

sad news, 1000 gifts - list of thankfulness

I have a list going of 1000+ things to be thankful for (inspired by HOLY EXPERIENCE) and I have been slacking. I could put *friends* on here about a 1,000 times alone because they are so special.

My sister just passed away on Wednesday and I received a call last night that a dear friend of mine passed away yesterday. so...friends-I am thankful for you. I want to thank my friends and extended families for their prayers and well-wishes

Leaves-the amazing power to turn from green to red to yellow to orange to brown. Reminds me of life, life force, power of the Creator

Acorns-seeds thrown from trees to replenish our greedy forest raping with more trees

Clouds-sometimes, as I stare at the sky in the evening, moon starting peeking through, the sky looks as if it could be gray with white clouds or white with gray clouds-astonishing

Curls and dread locks, how they whisper tales of baking soda and vinegar, sand, dirt and debris of boys who would rather be playing than grooming their hair.

88.3-My favorite radio station-if only I could make more time to listen

Oreganol P-73 and Oregaspray from North American Herb and Spice-Herbs from the Lord that have saved our lives many times - from the Bible-Leviticus "I give you grass for the cattle and herbs for the service of man"


kris said...

i'm so, so sorry for your losses. praying for you:)

Susana said...

I, too, am sorry to hear that you have lost a loved one. ((((Abrazos))))