Monday, August 25, 2008


OKAY, so what other career or profession or hobby do you know of that one would actually be covered in every type of bodily fluid possible, woken up @ every hour of the day or night and expected to function and clearly speak about every bodily fluid possible, bashed regularly by society and still hold their head high?

Who, really, do you know that gets national attention for a birth that may require medical attention but never ONCE clearly recognized for the tender, humane act of assisting in bringing forth life on a daily or nightly basis?

Who, really, do you know that puts her freedom on the line for a family that she barely knows?

Who, really, do you know that gets hands deep in a woman's birthing atmosphere, massages until her hands are numb and recognizes the unspoken needs and wants of a birthing mother, and still has to fight to keep her light burning?

Who, really, do you know that gets to witness the shift in the atmosphere as a new life breaks forth into our crazy world, every day and loves every minute of it?


Midwives have caught babies since the beginning of time. Why take that away now? Some are trying.

That, for no other reason, IS a reason to support your local midwives.

Want to know how to support? Google your local Friends of Midwives or NARM or check out other coalitions for keeping the light burning. If you are in WV or have no one to support, you can...

check out a group called the WV Friends of Midwives andI encourage you to join, make a donation, attend the Educational Retreat, and tell your friends, family, clients, etc. about them. They are essentially, as the name implies, a group of people who are striving to keep the Midwifery Model of Care alive and well in this Wild and Wonderful state. Enjoy!

MIDWIVES HELP PEOPLE *OUT*- cool tee shirt coming soon