Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Check this out...

I am guilty of generalizing the positions that OBs stand for regarding home birth. Yes, I admit it, I usually always say - "those OBs, blah, blah, blah". I humbly apologize and though I do believe that most do have the "cut 'em up, pull 'em out, get 'em outta here" mentality, not all believe like that.

Below, you will see a letter to ACOG from an OB that is "givin' it to em" for their statements and lack of proof to protect their statements and demanding and explanation and reports to accompany their attack on home birth.

I guess not all OBs generalize women, their births and some seek to give respectable, individual and midwifery-model-based care.

Here is goes-R E A D T H I S!


earthmama said...

I have some very serious info to pass on regarding midwives, home birth, & the scary midwifery/homebirth bill in the house. I am outraged & I'm sure you will be too!! I hope you pass it on as well! You can access it through my blog post today:

midwife of the plains said...

Thank goodness for this Ob/Gyn. I do know of at least one other in my pocket of the universe who is homebirth friendly. I am sure there are others. In Missouri a bill was just passed that opens the door to CPMs. CPMs may now legally practice in the state of Missouri.
Thanks for this link.

nk said...

oh your page is so made my day :) i was just thinking about immunizations the other day, and wondering why every child is regulated to have them and what exactly goes in them. i will read on! thanks for the warnings. will check in again, take care :)