Thursday, July 24, 2008


I read somewhere (when I figure out where, I will link to it) that you can make circles on your art projects by blowing bubbles through paint and letting them POP onto the paper or canvas.

So, today for art class we tried it and LOVED it!!!

You just put some paint and bubbles into a cup and mix around.

Dip your blower into the mixture and BLOW onto the paper.

Doing it outside will save on the messy clean up, or blue circles all over your walls and carpet but if you do it in the winter or colder weather, just place the paper in a big cardboard box and blow into the box-that will save a lot of clean up time.

It's fun to mix red and blue and make purple bubbles as Zarian will tell ya!

Then of course you if you run out of professional bubbles, you can just use dish soap and water.

We tried this and it was a little more runny so we just added more paint. Then of course, the more paint you have left after bubble paint blowing, the more you need to be prepared for the paint brush to come out and not waste a drop.

Zarian did this and added some smears and flicks of the paint brush to totally make his masterpiece complete. AND CAI OCEAN JUST SUCKED THE END OF THE BRUSH WHILE WE WEREN'T LOOKING (smile) but his turned out perfect tooo!


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kris said...

that looks like entirely too much fun:)