Sunday, June 29, 2008


SO...some may know that I pulled Izayah out of school this year (7th grade-age 13 now) and I began a home school curriculum. I was a little scared in the beginning but I did my research...I found the curriculum that was awesome for his age(Switched On Schoolhouse by Alpha Omega)
and we made it work.

I pulled him out for several reasons. I researched and found that in the public school system only 2, yes I will say it again, TWO!! hours of schooling a day is devoted to curriculum. The rest is standing in line, changing classes, waiting for the teacher to get everyone's attention etc...

so, i figured that I have 2 hours plus of training in me daily...and it worked

for all of you (AND YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE) that decided, before giving me a chance to try this endeavor, not realizing that criticizing my decision will only make me work harder (as I have always been adverse to other's blind opinions about my children-knowing in my heart that I try whole-heartedly to make decisions to help, not hinder, my children), I will now list Izayah's overall scores...(insert a tongue stuck between my pursed lips and a big raspberry being blown)...

without further anticipation...

Heh, I am pleased to announce...

Izayah, only in the 7th grade, scored 85% better than 7th grader's his age and in 7th grade...his scores were comparable to those in the 9th grade, 2nd month!!!!

woo hoo!!!

I have no regrets. NONE!

Zarian, now age 5 will be starting kindergarten-AT HOME-for various reasons (one being that he is not immunized to the school boards standards) and I will continue to pour every ounce of blood, sweat and tears into my baby, along with the proper curriculum or unschooling approach of course, that I have in me. You must know that I am not making this decision to harm or hinder him, only to help and guide him appropriately.

Those of you that believe in me, prayers are welcome!

Big props and dap to Zay for working so hard this year!!


kris said...

woo!hoo! props to you mom. well done. that's awesome:0)

Corin said...

YES! Great job!

I'm sooo glad to have found your blog. I find many similarities between us already.

I plan on fully homeschooling my children when the time comes. {My daughter is only two, and our second is due in August, so we have a while}. But both my husbnad nad I are VERY adamant about the fact that we believe our pulic school systems are not the place for a child to get a REAL, TRUE-TO-LIFE education that will benefit them in all there life challenges.

Keep up the great work. You have my prayers.