Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Every wonder what is in that mysterious vaccine? Wonder why you just don't feel good about getting those barbaric shots in your childs legs? What is the BIG DEAL that seems to be pushing immunizations into the media these days?

How about this one? ... WHY IN THE WORLD DOESN'T SHAWNA GIVE HER KIDS IMMUNIZATONS??????!!!!!????? Is she crazy, some hippy or totally bucking the system?

Well, maybe (hee hee) but I have OTHER reasons too: THE INGREDIENTS for one thing, not enough research, the rise in brain injured children, my own child that was brain injured and fought for healing for 5 years, the lining of the brain not fully developed @ birth, THE STATISTICS OF EFFECTIVENESS, the drug companies' agenda and profit and...DID I MENTION THE INGREDIENTS??

Go Here to See a Video with some mothers, fathers, children, grandparents, activists, concerned citizens and actors who came together in DC to rally for greener vaccinations...(note-you may need a tissue) o...I just checked this link and you may have to go on the right hand side of the page and click the picture of Jim Carey (the actor in a green shirt) to get it to play


Do some research, find out why they would actually put aborted fetal tissue, mercury and anti-freeze into our child's legs, 8 at a time at the age of 6 months?

Really, if a thermometer is dropped in science lab @ public school, the entire school is shut down because of the toxicity! But yet injecting that same mercury into newborn babies is supposed to be ignored?

Doesn't that make you wonder what the true agenda is? What are the reasons for putting that poison into our children? These kids are the same kids that will be taking care of this country in 20 years, taking care of us in 40 years, members of congress, presidents, lawmakers. Don't they deserve the rights to normal immunity, properly functioning nervous systems, clean water and food and perfect health?

PLEASE, Ask yourself those questions and be INFORMED CONSUMERS!

You can visit or or just google "vaccine" and get tons of info. Books galore are being written, have been written for 20 years and the libraries are filling the shelves with this important that I particularly love is titled: "A Shot in the Dark" pretty distrurbing read but well worth the knowledge and power to make informed decisions on behalf of innocent children.

Be their voice, be their choice-they can't make decisions regarding their brains or nervous systems and entrust us as parents to make informed, loving decisions in their best interest...



kris said...

i just this year decided we were done w/ vaccines. it wasn't an easy choice tho. it's that fear that they put into you, the same way they do w/ birth.

last night at an lll meeting i heard about a book written by dr. sears son that has a far different schedule than what is normally practiced. this mom said she is taking her daughter in every month and she get's one vaccine a month. and that some of the "bigger" ones, like polio or hep b they don't get till their toddlers. interesting.

kris said...

sorry, me again, but i also heard that in europe they don't put some of the things in their vaccines that the u.s. does, and that there is only one big company here that makes all of them. (that should tell us something right there.)

tie-dyed doula said...

Kris-thanks for all of your comments man I really like knowing that people are reading my blog!

Kris-yes Merck is the company doubled with Monsanto-they have the monopoly on ALL meds in this country-it is what this country is bound to-things that make you sick and the meds you take to get better-it is such a money racket. Human lives are statistics and profit.

Don't fear girl, you have made a wonderful choice- hey look at it this way...

if the shots "work" so well in the immunized children, then your child will not be exposed to illnesses, right? ha!

anyway, i haven't immunized in 5 1/2 years and NEVER will again. I believe that child hood illnesses build our immunity. They (some)are necessary (the chicken pox for instance-if you don't get a good dose of it in childhood, your chances of fighting off the virus as an adult can be really small, hence shingles can manifest from the dormant virus.
But if you get it in childhood, you have built an immunity to it and it isn't likely to come forth as an adult-ya know?)

plus, there homoeopathics & naturopathic meds for everything-God gave them to us to use for healing-He speaks of it ALL through the Bible.

Also, the lining of the brain isn't fully developed until around age 5!!! So, if one were to wait to get shots before school, waiting until closer to age 5 and spreading them out could possibly help.

another thing to do would be to check with the STATE that you live in. My child was shot up with 8 shots @ 9 months of age, a total of 22 shots since birth by 9 months. ONLY 4! SHOTS! WERE REQUIRED! IF I WERE TO REGISTER HIM FOR SCHOOL AND 2!! 2 OF THOSE SHOTS WERE REQUIRED AFTER THE CHILD WAS AGE 4!!! So he had 22 by age 9 months and NONE were required until after age 4-hmmm!

SO...WHAT I AM SAYING IS THAT THE DOC'S WILL SAY THAT ALL OF THE SHOTS ARE RECOMMENDED (BUT NOT REQUIRED-THEY LEAVE THAT PART OUT)AND THEN WE GET THE SHOTS thinking that they are required-nope- just recommended- but lots of people recommend things. Especially people that profit from their recommendations.

i have had it! No more recommendations from MD's in my life. My oldest is 13 and his last visit with an MD was at age 5 (when I learned about taking charge of their health myself) and my baby (the one that had 22 shots by age 9 months) -well, you probably know that was his last visit to an MD and he is now 5 1/2 and My baby (15 months) has never been seen by an MD (born @ home)and so I haven't had to deal with the pressures of THEIR recommendations.

I guess I should have made this a post huh? pretty long comment hee hee but I have said before-silence does poison...

Hit me back in the comments so i know that you have gotten this comment response please...
Have a great day!

kris said...

Hey! ya, i got it in an email. i so appreciate everything you've said. one of the biggest things i've learned (well ok, more than one) in doula training is to listen to my instincts, speak up and research. --funny how now that i do these things i've found that my care provider and i are not getting along as well--

and to answer your ?, i have no idea who's homeschooling blog you ended up at, but let me know if you figure it o/, sounds like something i'd like:) we homeschool too.

Susana said...

Hey Shawna,

Nice to hear your thoughts on this issue! It's awesome that Jenny McCarthy is working so hard to bring this issue to the forefront.

Keep up the good work!


tie-dyed doula said...

Thanks friends!