Monday, May 5, 2008

The donations are in-RONDA IS GOING TO MONTANA

Ronda @ Love Is Kind
We raised almost $300.00 for her air fare with our dinner Saturday night.

Highlights of the night:

Eric Sandstrom singing his newly written gospel song

Willie Bo Dillie "cooking with soul from the heart" after working a 12 hour shift overnight and never going to sleep.

Fox Hunt music debut-had a knee slapping time-smile

Jonathan playing lullabies to my little Zaccai (who woke up, BY ACCIDENT OF COURSE, after Ryan fell on my porch and banged his head on the door).

Zaccai really fell in love with this musician. He really has a lot to him-Jonathan, if you are reading this, please comment so we can contact you further!!

Zarian singing Johnny Cash "Burn"

Donation counting: almost $300.00!!!!! WOOO HOO!!!

Lots of BFF's (Best Friends Forever)-family,friends and fellowship.

Ronda, I know you will be at your heightened availability of service to people in need on this trip. You will be a light in the darkness and don't you forget it. The Lord has plans for you, He told me. You just have to be still and quiet and hear what He is telling you. Please rise and greet Him every morning for direction, protection and peace.

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loveiskind said...

I want to give a big shout out to all who attended and supported us. Yes us because without everyone I wouldn't be able to do this. Shawna and her family are a big part of these missions trip. They are truely a blessing in my life. Mhwwaaa to all. Half way there.