Monday, May 5, 2008


The Placenta-I am so astonished by this organ. The Creator never ceases to amaze me.

I recently met a couple that were totally displeased when I explained that my placenta was hooked up to my baby for hours, treated with respect just as the rest of my body, then buried outside.

They about fell on the floor when I continued the placenta story by telling them that we later planted a blueberry bush on top of it.

I had to pick them up off of the floor when I told them that we really do EAT the blueberries.

Without that special piece of the life giving whole, our baby wouldn't eat, breathe or grow.

How dare we be disgusted? How can we be so detached from our own bodies, when the placenta is truly detached, we are horrified to look, touch or be in awe of it?

Did we forget that it was just inside of our body?

I wrote a poem about that precious placenta.


The placenta; when its job is done, when it is no longer needed to nourish the baby, expels itself from the mama’s body.

A treasured “organ” that its sole purpose is nourishment, leaves when its job is done

Amazing formation with intuition

To know when it is time to leave, know it did its purpose with perfection and now can nourish the earth and vegetation.

Blueberries, will flourish with its nutrients

By: Shawna Sealing Kemp


Susana said...

Wow Shawna!

I said all you needed to do now was to write, but I didn't expect you to go gang-busters!!

Are you feeling better and now you feel free to write or is writing helping you to feel better?

I love this poems and your others! It inspires me to try to write poetry about birth & breastfeeding since I haven't yet done this.

Shine on!!!!

Amy said...

I love your blog and found you through another birth blog.
Great posts!

pinky said...

Hi. I read your birth story. What are you rubbing on the baby after birth? And I could not find my prior post. I think I may have asked you what a birth warrior is. I am still curious on that one too. Thanks

tie-dyed doula said...

I posted the answers to your questions...

kris said...

ok, altho i dont think i'll ever be a lotus birther, i LOVE placentas! they are w/o a doubt one of the coolest things ever. i know how cheesy that sounds, and that nonbirthies will never get it. but the fact is, placentas are simply amazing.

i never got to see or touch any of mine (pure regret) but have been able to get a good look at a couple from my last couple of births. in talking to a new doula friend i met recently, i told her i so want to touch one. she told me one of the midwives we'd both attended w/ let her touch the baby side of one and that it felt like silk. i hope i get to work w/ that midwife again soon!

midwife of the plains said...

AHHHHH. Placenta. My favorite organ. A wonderful midwife, Anne Frye, wrote in her textbook Holistic Midwifery, VOL. II, that the placenta is truly a holy communion. That it is flesh that has served its purpose, supporting the life of your baby, and is birthed all finished with its job. She writes this to explain the rare occasion of placentaphagy in humans. THough I have not ever eaten my placentas, nor attended a birth where placenta has been eaten, I agree with Anne Frye. The placenta is a holy organ created and grown to deliver oxygen to baby, get rid of waste from baby, create and secrete hormones, circulate blood. It is in fact a multi functioning organ, acting as liver, kidneys, lungs, and endocrine gland between baby and mama.
Kris, I understand your feelings about not seeing or touching your placenta. As a midwife, I share in placenta joy with all the families I serve. We look, touch and fully explore the placenta, reveling in its glory. We make placenta prints. We plant it. We all get to know it.
Thank you for this post.