Friday, May 9, 2008


I was asked, by several people, exactly what it is that I used on my baby's feet after birth. Bach Flower Remedies (Rescue Remedy) is the answer.

History: In the late 1920's a renowned British scientist and physician named Dr. Edward Bach noted that his patients' state of mind were directly related to their physical ills. Unlike traditional medicines' approach to only treating the "symptoms", Bach believed that the way to truly cure an illness was to address the underlying emotional causes of the disease.

Just as Homeopaths believe the infamous "cure like with like"...

He developed 38 natural remedies to alleviate every negative state that he identified. Unlike dangerous drugs and tranquilizers which mask emotional stress, the Bach Remedies act as catalysts to alleviate the underlying emotional causes of stress. They work subtly & gently to restore calm and emotional balance.

Bach discovered in certain flowers vibrations specifically adapted to reestablish balance in stressed individuals. For every human typology and emotion there is a corresponding flower.

Each flower has an energy. This energy is extracted and bottled. Certain emotions such as sadness, fear, confusion, boasting etc... have flower essences that match. Given the proper flower essence, the emotion is balanced out. Hence, emotional balance.

One example is Chicory. A chicory person (in flower-therapese) is one that needs to be over involved in the lives of others, constantly wanting loved ones always nearby or possessive. This type of person would benefit from the Chicory Essence (energy).

The well known Rescue Remedy is a combination of certain flower essences, helping to restore balance, ease stress and sustain trauma. it is used for any unexpected or expected distress.

Nearly every person that I come into contact with has a bottle of Rescue Remedy in their purse or bag. It comes in handy in stressful situations such as taking tests, trauma, birth, envy, public speaking, interviews etc...

I know someone that uses it to combat her not so friendly road rage. She probably has 3 bottles in different handy areas of her car! :) And I applaud her for that!!

So, in speaking of my sons birth, I rubbed Rescue Remedy on his feet and forehead to calm him from the trauma of such an explosive birth. I wanted his emotional needs to be met so he could breathe and pink up. It has been told to me that it is also great for non responsive babies, which wasn't the case in my baby but valuable information none-the-less. Birth alone can cause "shockiness" to the mother and the baby (it's also great for calming anybody involved). All in attendance of my son's birth was sucking down drops of this liquid stress reliever.

Tons of books are out there to help explain the great effectiveness of all of Bach's Flower Remedies, including the combo Rescue Remedy. Do some research for yourself. You may be in need of the valuable information or lacking in this God given energy and help.

In case your wondering what else I did post birth, I administered Arnica (homeopathic remedy for shock and pain) to my baby and myself. I used a great home made perineal salve made from comfrey, sage and Vitamin E. I took doses of home made Alfalfa tincture to get lots of needed vitamins and minerals. I also gave lots and lots of kisses, hugs and love...


pinky said...

See I have a bottle of rescue remedy too. Only it is labeled Nubain and Phenergan. I am still working on the aerosolized Valium to spray in the labor room for families but Jcaho still frowns upon it and our pharmacy guy keeps shooting the idea down. Something about Mass State Law and such.

kris said...

that is very interesting. as i was reading it i kept thinking about my 8 yo and his "ADD" issues. i am going to look into that.