Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Raw Food Challenge is starting the 1st week of June! Any interested takers, please see this blog.

I am really into this GREEN SMOOTHIE revolution. Wow! The energy I feel!

The blogger that really turned me onto this exciting adventure is Walk Slowly, Live Wildly and while you are in there checking her out, please see her post on the Temple.

Here are my thoughts today regarding my green smoothies:

Okay, so it looks as though we will begin our raw food challenge the first week in June! Woo Hoo!

I have already started some "priming", about 20 days strong now, with a morning "Green Smoothie". (I started this before joining the 7-day complete raw food challenge)

Most days I use organic romaine or parsley, bananas and strawberries. When I feel like gettin' a little funky, I throw in some spinach and a mango.

Yesterday was really fun, I added a little clove of garlic because I felt a cold comin' on-Whew-talk about kickin! Very tasty but I don't think my co-workers felt very friendly after I gulped that down-hee hee

I was told you can use "any" green as the base of the smoothie. I have found that if you don't like the bitter taste some greens give, use bananas. Bananas cover a lot of that taste and make it really enjoyable to drink.

Today, the day before "grocery day", is the most wild of all days in green smoothie land. Today I have dandelion greens (for the green) and 1/2 of an avocado (for the fruit) and a little flax seed for that something extra. (I also threw in some other yummy yard treats: Violets, a few Echinacea leaves & wild Plantain.) I am not too happy about it today because of the lack of fruit shortage on the home front. Never-the-less, I am sucking it down and feeling the greatest of energy slipping into my body.

You just can't imagine how energized you feel after drinking the power house of vitamins and minerals, liquified for better absorption. I am SOOO excited to start this raw food week.
I have been having so much fun creating and experimenting with these green drinks. It is like art to me. Anything goes some days; other days they have to meet my taste buds' requirements. My kids are slurping them down too. You can't imagine the feeling of joy and energy that bring while drinking AND making them.

To read what sparked my interest in the green smoothie drinks, please read this

To read a little somethin'- somethin' about how greens and raw food helps the body with energy, health etc, please see this article.

Good luck you raw foody challengeeeez!! Can't wait to hear from you!


Kristen's Raw said...

Yay for Green Smoothies :)

kris said...

hey! thanx for visiting! i have been reading about your raw food week at nicole and jenns. good luck!

kris said...

sorry, didn't see your ? till now, i 1st became certified as a doula thru Childbirth International. what i'm working on now is Nicoles Wonderfully Made doula/cbe course. (and just let me tell you the girl is tough!!)