Thursday, May 22, 2008


I recently found a great place to learn about gratitude. (check it out sometime here)
Actually, learning and listing about gratitude.

We make lists of things to get from the grocery store, appointments to attend and books we would love to read. How humbling it will be to make a list of things that we are thankful for now, that we HAVE right now!

I was so inspired after learning that some are "listing' 1000 things that they are grateful for. Grateful for these gifts, they are listing them. I too will list the things that I am thankful for, given to me with grace and love by our Father. So many things come to mind, my fingers can barely keep up with my thoughts.

I also read that with thankfulness in our hearts, there is no room for envy or hatred or any other sin. Wow!

Check this out, also snagged from the A Holy Experience:

Sin Defense: "May I share one more benefit I’ve discovered from gratitude? A thankful heart fills it and blocks out room for sin. When I am being thankful, I can’t envy. They’re incompatible! When I’m being thankful, I can’t covet. It knocks down pride and conceit as gratitude reminds me of where every good and perfect gift comes from. Giving thanks doesn’t allow room for complaining, grumbling. None. The very act of thanking God (seeing His gifts) turns my head away from opportune sin.
A grateful spirit is nothing – nothing without the Giver behind it all. Just like prayer I suppose. It’s a useless trivial action on its own, but because of the Merciful One who is listening and responding, it becomes a powerful heart-changing step I can take!" ~Chris, Edmonton, Canada


1: Wild Daisies on the side of the in the mundane

2: Coffee Bean eyes staring at me each day, mocha latte lips pursed for a kiss goodbye and grapevine hair, waiting to be tamed.

3: Even though I do not live near the Ocean, I am at close enough distance to drive there. But in the meantime, I can see fields of grain or straw, blowing in the breeze, like an ocean lapping it's waves towards the shore.

4: fat fingers


6: Big brothers with sacred eyes and helping hands

7: The wisdom to know that I will some day see more than what I see in this life

8: Not only feeling privileged to be a mama, but a daughter too.

9: Feet-something about those feet

10: I may not always feel like wiping up puddles of water next to the bathtub (that seems to appear there every evening at bath time-even though no one will own up to it...) but I am grateful that I have children to wipe up after...

11: RARE but quiet thoughts

12: The love between child and animal...

SO THAT IS 1 thru 12 OF MY "THANK YOU Lord for these gifts" LIST - check back for the 13 through 1,000

Please feel free to create your own list. Let's fill our hearts with thankfulness for the creations, blessings and gifts that we have in our life today.


SMFiddler said...

Ten Things that I am grateful for
1)That I am a child of GOD
2)For the air that I breathe
3) For my freedom and my country
4)That I married a man who seeks and learns Gods will
5)My children and the priviledge to raise them in the church
6)My job and the money God provide my family with
7)I am grateful for my old true friends and the new friends I meet daily
8)The roof over my head and the food Im provided with
9)I am grateful for my parents who choose life instead of abortion
10)I am grateful for my grand children and the privaledge to teach and watch them grow

kris said...

beautiful post!

Susana said...

Wonderful post Shawna! I wrote out a lenghty and heartfelt response, but my

Susana said...

ok,, we are having technical difficulties!! (not really technical, more like children) anyway,

I wrote a lenghty and hearltfelt response only have my three year old (whom I had written about being so grateful for!) came up and deleted my message!!! argh.

will try again later. :(

Ann Voskamp @Holy Experience said...

This: "So many things come to mind, my fingers can barely keep up with my thoughts."

Isn't it so? Yes!

Praising with you--it is what we are made for--our heart's true home.

Smiling over those beautiful fat fingers--Thank you, Lord!