Thursday, May 1, 2008


CHOICES. Do women really know they have choices? Choices when it comes to their bodies? Their health? Their babies’ health?

Do they know they have a choice to not see an MD if their child is not sick (what’s that called a WELL CHILD VISIT?...huh??? The child lives with mama every day since birth, mama inherently knows every whimper, every cry and the temperature of baby’s skin without a doubt and an MD sees the child for 3 minutes, charges $90.00 or more and sends the mama home knowing the same thing that she knew when she went in there…huh??? And I digress; that’s another day’s blog post…)

Do they know their choices& their rights regarding their pregnancy? Their birth? Do they know that they have a CHOICE where they can give birth?

I used to be one that didn’t know that I had choices. I didn’t know that I had a choice when and where to give birth. I thought, once upon a time, that if I didn’t have the baby when the OB told me to, I would have to be cut open and the baby removed.


We do have choices.

The best choice, the best decision=an informed choice and an informed decision.

I have since learned the difference in trusting a care provider and trusting myself. Trusting THIS body to carry, nourish and bring forth life. Feeling the power that THIS body has, THIS intuition, THIS knowledge.

We do have choices for our lives, our pregnancies, our births and the well being of our children. Please research and find your truth, your trust. Do not go blindly into situations that involve your utmost attention and love. Be knowledgeable, responsible and strong. No one cares for you or your little baby nearly as much as YOU do.

In our society…
HUMAN LIVES are the “endangered species”
Seriously IN…DANGER!!! ~shawna sealing kemp

Let’s advocate on behalf of the animal kingdom, their rights to live and graze and multiply, our earth, our rivers and oceans AS WELL as the HUMAN species.

Birth Truth = Birth Trust
Don’t be just a negative statistic. Be an informed human being.

Be a choice maker.