Saturday, April 12, 2008


Today I learned a valuable lesson while comparing weeds to birth. Just as a weed has to push forth, through all of the winter "insulation" of straw and leaves, so does a mother push, through the insulation of the womb, (vigorously) her baby out to see the world, just as a weed in the garden.
I learned this lesson today as my 5 year old son, Zarian, said to me "Mama, that beautiful flower has leaves ALL over it. Move those leaves, Mama, so it can see us!!!" WOW! I was awe-struck.

I pictured, in his little view, this powerful force, with no help from anyone, pushing through the leaves and old mulch and straw to get a glimpse of the sun. I reflected on how a baby pushes forth, through layers of difficulty, to see the sun. To see his mama's eyes. To see the light, his world.

I remember the look in all of my boy's eyes the moment they were born. "So, this is you mama, whose voice I've heard for many months, who's face I longed to see when the time was right, please show me this world, protect me, let me nurse and hear your beating heart" is what I saw in their eyes. I saw wisdom beyond words. I saw a valuable life, a life with a purpose. A life that I just met, yet could not live without.
I saw the dandelion weed, so desparately reaching

While all the while, that troublesome "weed" is sooo valuable to our health. That Dandelion root and leaves are great healers in many ways. Valuable to our health by drinking it's boiled root, eating its leaves in salad and bringing us sunshine in it's flower.

Just as a new soul pushed forth, emerging gently and powerfully in it's own time into our crazy world, so does the weed in our garden, our flowerbeds and our walkways. They both push with determination and struggle and strive to see the light of our world, in their own time, their own space.

I wonder how the weeds determine it is the right time to turn green, with purpose, and bust through the earth? How does a baby know when it is fully "cooked" and strive to leave it's warm, safe place in our wombs? Why do we intervene and try to tell these wise creatures when they are ready? Only they know, touched by God, when it is truly time to break free from it's temporary comforting environment.

Weeds and babies, developing, growing and pushing forth, are similar. Is that a coincidence?
At the time of a birth, no one knows the importance of this new soul. In Spring, no one REALLY understands the reasons for these bothersome weeds. We do learn, of course, over time how healing, how significant, how lovely both creatures are to our world, lives and health.

I can't imagine living without or questioning my sons' births.
Do we need to question their energy?

Do Dandelions have no purpose for existence? I think not. After learning the antioxident affects and healing powers and vitamin and mineral content, taught to me by my mother when I was a small child, I am realizing that the very existence of a mother's power to grow and nourish a baby in the womb, with minerals and vitamins and healing are very similar.

I declare to not take either for granted.

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