Saturday, April 26, 2008


I have a family member that is anti-chiropractor. I am giving just 2 examples where nothing else but chiropractic care would have healed my children. (and they haven't been to an MD since)

1st-My oldest son Izayah, when at age 5, lost his hearing. I went to MD after MD, specialist after specialist, only to be told that a) he needed tubes in his ears (no way man!), b) he needed a bone removed from his ear (what bone???) c) he had permanent damage and his father and I would need to learn sign language and deal with him being deaf. (we did buy a book to learn sign language but I still didn't believe it wasn't curable)

So, after much begging from my mama, I took him to my Chiropractor. He nonchalantly said, "Get him off of cow's milk, no sugar and wheat (for a while)" He gave him a few adjustments and in 2 weeks my son had 72% of his hearing back.
Why get him off the milk? Well, he had yeast building in his eustacian tube (the area between the mouth, ears and nose). The milk, sugar and yeast was feeding the yeast in his eustacian tube and causing an impaction. The adjustment gave a little "tilt" so it could drain properly.

He was healed by diet change alone and he is now 13. He has 98% of his hearing back and (of course) no permanent damage.

What bone were they going to remove anyway?
No chemical medicine, no tubes, no permanent damage, no bone removed!!!

My heart goes out to the children out there that may have had such a simple thing wrong with them, that have undergone major surgery or suffered with hearing loss.

My son Zarian a few weeks ago starting urinating frequently. Like VERY frequently! Every few minutes. He was getting dark circles under his eyes and looking very tired.

I took him to my Chiropractor and on his second visit, he said "I know what is wrong with Zarian". "Where does he sleep?" I said "With me". He said, "what is plugged up by your bed?" I told him that at the foot of my bed is my alarm clock and cell phone charger. He told me to remove them from the room and Zarian would get better. My chiro uses Applied Kinesiology for muscle testing and Zarian showed obvious signs of electricity absorption. His liver was "hot" and gave me some foods that are healing to the liver. Heal the liver, remove the electricity and the kidneys would fall in line.

Don't believe me yet? Well, three days of no electricity while sleeping, ALL TVs turned off and he was back to urinating regularly and his dark circles were gone!!
Apparently, him being so little while SO much electricity permeating into him while sleeping (8+ hours), was adversely affecting him tremendously. Remove the cause, heal the root of the problem and symptoms disappear! How about that?

Do I know what an MD would have done to my little angel had I taken him for his frequent urination?
Yes, I know that they would have put him through the ringer with aggressive testing, Xrays etc...and they would have put me through the ringer for not ever taking to an MD before now. He would have ultimately been put on an extreme amount of poison, diagnosed with some strange illness that cannot be explained and a donation cup would be sitting at the local gas station for pennies to help me pay for all his extremely high medical bills. He still would be urinating every 5 minutes and the electricity that was affecting him would still be plugged in at the bottom of our bed-the problem still being simply "the problem" and Zarian simply being wasted away.

I am thankful that my Chiro has been taught and is still learning this non-agressive way of healing. I am thankful that the Lord showed us exactly what was happening.

To further prove this to the non-believers of holistic healing: Zarian had a relapse and starting urinating frequently again a few weeks later. I started cranking my brain, trying to figure it out. My husband pointed out that we had recently gotten satellite hooked up and he was watching WAY to much TV, hence...more electricity going into him.
We had the satellite turned off, Zarian stopped urinating frequently and is the healthy boy he once was.

Note-I was wondering how I would get up without an alarm clock, worried about being late for work and I asked my chiropractor how will I get up on time with no alarm clock? He told me that I could try drinking enough water, the proper amount of water, and I WOULD get up. (to go to the bathroom -smile)

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Rhonda Munoz said...

Wow, I’d like to give your chiropractor a standing ovation. Your faith and trust in him is definitely in the right place. Your boys are testament to the fact that you’re neither too young nor too old to get advice from a very capable chiropractor. I hope your boys’ problems have been solved for good!