Monday, April 21, 2008


I saw the most wonderful sight Friday afternoon, as I was driving home from work. I really was in a foul mood, talking about lay-offs and gas prices before I left work. I was feeling rather low and debating my choice of wine with myself while on the way to the grocery store. I had to slow down, while waiting for a bus to let children off and low and behold I saw the most awesome sight...

A man, probably a grandparent as he seemed to be an "older" gentleman, with a baby strapped to his back, solemnly standing under an apple tree in his yard.

He reached into his pocket and pulled out a mirror. Probably a hand mirror, one that would be used for giving a quick glimpse in the mirror by a teen doing up her hair for a lovely date.

He pulled this mirror out of his pocket and took at peek at the infant strapped to his back. He seemed satisfied at the image he saw of the sleeping babe, probably around 3-5 months old.
He continued to admire her beauty. He grew a smile on his face, knowing all was well with her. He seemed so content, almost honored, to have accomplished the goal of putting this little beauty to sleep while walking around the yard, smelling the apple blossoms.

He did not know that I saw him, and I wish so much that he did. I wanted to give him the 'THUMBS UP"!! I wanted to have my camera handy for that picture.

Baby, content on poppy's back, snuggled like a bug with sweet Spring aromas all around while Poppy, so proud and admirable, of his fresh little grand babe, sleeping on his back.

I wonder how long he let her sleep. I wonder at how he may have went inside, showed the others of his accomplishment, or maybe he didn't. Maybe he kept walking, letting the aromas fill her dreams. Maybe he knew, somehow, that this little miracle needed to rest, and he kept on moving, letting her sleep, letting her feel his beating heart and movement. Maybe he let her feel the sun shine on her face.
I will never know. What I do know is that he taught me a lesson. It really doesn't matter what happened after he pulled out his mirror. He was in awe of this beautiful presence strapped snuggly to his back, smelling the aromas, feeling the sun on her face, asleep against grandpa.
She didn't care about the gas prices, or the economy crashing around her. She was content with the love and comfort she felt. Enough to fall asleep.
I slowed down. I was reminded instantly of what life is really all about.
Isn't that enough for us to know?


Nicole D said...

That was beautiful. You have a real knack for writing.

tie-dyed doula said...

Thank you so much!!!

loveiskind said...

You give such great descriptions of things. I could see it and smell it. Maybe you should write books. hum. stay at home writter. You never know.

Iris said...

What a sweet, heartwarming story.
Yes, that really is what life is about. Pure love.
Thanks for sharing!