Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Have you ever noticed that happiness is contagious?? Yawning? What about Dreariness? When someone is laughing and you walk in the room, an indiscrete grin parts your lips. Laughter is contagious, too. These emotions (yes yawning is an emotion too) are things that can make or break your day. A few ways to safe guard your heart from being sad or down is:

- Start the day with prayer. Rise early and ask God for strength and joy.

- Smiles…remember that happiness is contagious too!! Someone might give you a little light in their smile, just when you need it-and vise versa-so put on your grin in the morning. It’s hard to have a frown when you’re smiling! 

- Try seeing the beauty in all things, even the mundane. It’s in there somewhere! Try finding it. Make it an adventure or a goal to see the loveliness in small things that don’t seem to matter, such as…hmmm…the fingerprints on the car windows from where the children have written their names on the fog and steam that collects and erases once the defroster is on. The prints are still there.
Those prints might prove that little “sweetie pie” HAS learned how to make the letter “S” you’ve been working on. It also is beautiful to know that each one of those fingerprints is unique. No other in this entire world, has those individual fingerprints-now that should make you smile!! (Some times we are glad that there aren’t two little “sweetie-pies” just alike, huh?)
What about the color of mud puddles? I contemplated this last week when we had a flood. I thought that it looked like a “chocolate” river. The mud puddles looked pretty also that color. I thought that the color of that chocolate brown would be nice if it were in a box of hair dye, or if it was the color of a pair corduroys.
Well, you get the idea, don’t you? Just try finding beauty in every creature and creation-God makes us all.

-Plans. Maybe we should stop trying to be so strict with plans. Some plans are nice to keep some order, I know, but how about if we not get so bent out of shape when they get changed a little, or totally don’t work out? It may be meant to be that our plans are not Gods plans. Maybe our plans are Gods plans. Our children decide when they are hungry and we may have to change plans to stop and feed them or change them (diapers or go potty). Their may even be bigger bumps in the road, huge dips and even road blocks in our life. Let’s try to not be so shaken up by them. Just go with the flow. Gracefully float over those bumps like butterflies or turn around and light another part of the earth like fireflies.

-Let things unfold…and try not to negatively react
Let little “sweetie pie” wear her brothers sweater because she “wants to”. She may feel pretty and protected by her brother’s sweater and not give two hoots whether or not it matches her pink polka dot pants.

If we tell her “no” to these impulses, her creativity may be stunted, her heart sad-and a sad heart is useless, as you know, I am trying to list things to help us have a less heavy or sad or down heart.

-SUNSHINE-get sunshine during the day. Let it shine on your face at least 10 minutes a day- but more more more if you can. Go outside on your breaks, sit by the window, and soak up that Vitamin D. Sunshine uplifts our spirits.

If you have more ideas to share, please put a comment on this blog. This list is actually for me, I’ve lost a little oomph in my heart lately and I am trying to overcome it. I thought that others could possibly benefit too! Please share your thoughts to add to the list…


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Susana said...


I am trying to get more sun. The other day was sunny and warm and I was out hanging clothes on the line and it was such a wonderful feeling.

Hope feel better soon!

Keep up the good work on your blog.
As you like to say...

Shine on!!